8 things in a woman that men consider inexplicably sexy

Sometimes this is simply inexplicable and defies any logic, but there are things that at first glance seem unusually strange, but it is in the ranking of female sexuality that men put them first. So read, be amazed and remember.

1. Drops of sweat

A woman who sweat so much that her body made a drop of sweat, men consider extremely seductive. Hot, hot and wet - what could be better?

2. Sneakers on bare foot

By the way, this trend is now at the peak of fashion, and for good reason. As according to men, an elegant bare female foot dressed in sneakers looks 2 in 1: brutal and fragile. This nuclear mixture turns men extraordinarily and does not allow them to divert their eyes from such a spectacle.

3. Anger

It turns out that when a woman gets angry, vomits and throws, scandals and screams, she looks very sexy. The main thing is not to overdo it and not to use fists and nearby objects.

4. Points

The girl with glasses looks mysterious at least, and the maximum is unusually clever. Especially, if at the same time she is wearing a narrow office skirt, a jacket, slightly unbuttoned on the chest and high-heeled shoes, then it will definitely become a sexual fantasy in person.

5. Loose clothing

Oddly enough, but many men give birth not dresses akin to the second skin, and clothing that is in contact with the body and leaves room for imagination. In addition, in such a dress, all the bulges of the body can be clearly seen, especially in the sun.

6. Skin prints from underwear

Trace from the bra strap, for example. This is very exciting male fantasy and makes great to try to keep yourself in hand.

7. Weathered lips

Surprised? But it is precisely chapped and cracked lips that attract men much more than smooth and perfectly made-up ones. The first option looks much more natural and leaves the impression of "agility", which, as we know, men consider very sexy.

8. Short hair

How many dithyrambs sing to long hair, but, in fact, men also consider a short female hairstyle very attractive. The main reason is that in this case, the girl always has her neck open and bare, which men consider to be one of the most beautiful parts of her body.