11 mistakes in the kiss, which can not be made


It seems that kissing is very easy, but when it comes to business, you get lost, do not know what to do, and make many mistakes. Meanwhile, the first kiss is very important for the development of relationships.

Take your time with the language

The French kiss is a new level of intimacy. Therefore, do not stick out your tongue as soon as your partner touched the lips. Make sure you both feel comfortable and only then proceed to a more intense kiss.

Unplug your head

Kiss is not a puzzle and not chess, do not try to think out every next action in advance. Just relax and enjoy, this is the best tactic.

Control the amount of saliva

Very few people like overly wet kisses, when it seems that you are simply drowning in the spittle of your partner. Therefore, take this advice with care.

Do not tease

Flirting with a partner, of course, will give your relationship a zest. But try not to get carried away and not tease him too often, otherwise he will think that you are too frivolous and optional.

Do not be aggressive

If you are not sure whether your partner loves rough kisses, hickey and bitten lips, it is better to postpone this manifestation of your passionate nature for a while.

Release pressure

Passion is great, but do not cling to your partner too much. Too strong hugs can hurt and cause discomfort, which definitely will not contribute to your relationship.

Be active

Above, we advised not to press on the partner, but, at the same time, it is important not to be too careful and passive. Few people want to kiss a man who shows no initiative.

be careful

Watch out for his actions. Often people kiss us the way they would like to be kissed. Observe how he kisses you and try to respond to his caress in the same way. You'll see, he will like it.

Kiss not only lips

Of course, the classic version is a kiss on the lips. But, starting with them, do not forget about the face, neck, shoulders.

Slow down

If you kissed once, it does not mean that he is ready for everything else. Do not accelerate from zero kissing to tearing clothes in one minute. So you may seem short-tempered and annoying.

Get rid of extraneous thoughts

Do you really need to mentally make a shopping list or think about what to wear to work tomorrow? Take a break from your worries for at least a few moments and enjoy the desired intimacy. After all, you have been waiting for this for so long.