13 rare qualities that will make you a woman in a million


Being the one who values ​​herself highly and calls forth genuine respect from others is a painstaking but very interesting task for a woman. This is a great inner work, the result of which will bring pleasure and inner harmony.

Here are 13 basic truths from women of wise age who have achieved recognition, which is worth bringing into your life today.

1. Put yourself first

If you first strive for your own well-being, you will have significantly more energy to be able to help others if necessary. Women have historically taken on the role of guardians: this is what we do on a subconscious level. Remember that taking care of yourself is not selfish, but necessary if you want to live a rich and productive life.

2. Learn to say no

This is difficult for many women to do: be it completing additional projects at work or in your children's schools, or in relationships with your children, spouse or friends. It takes practice to catch yourself on the fact that you are really ready for the answer "yes." But as soon as you realize that you do not say “yes” automatically, you begin to learn to say “no” skillfully and firmly. This will free up your schedule and energy in order to do what you really want to do.

3. Remove "I have to" from your vocabulary

As soon as you hear yourself quietly or out loud, say these two words, stop and ask the question “why?”. People who fill their lives with things that they think they should “do” rarely feel satisfied and content. Replace "I have to" with "I want." You will be pleasantly surprised by the results.

4. Strive to develop a healthy lifestyle

95 percent of all diseases are related to lifestyle choices. Exercise, nutrition, and relationships are the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. The best news is that as soon as you integrate these elements into your daily life, you will be amazed at how much more productive, more positive and healthier you feel.

5. Replace negative thoughts in your head with positive ones.

Women spend so much time asking questions, are they good enough, smart enough, cute. As soon as you hear some inner critical voice condemning you, replace it with the phrase “I'm good enough.” This may seem like too simple a solution, but those who have tried this technique are surprised by the amazing results.

6. Love and accept yourself

Although you may not believe this yet - you are a beautiful and loving soul. Look at yourself in the bathroom mirror every morning (really look) and say: "good morning" and "I love you." It may sound strange, but the more you do it, the more you begin to appreciate who you really are.

7. Develop a daily practice of appreciation.

It takes literally 5 minutes to include the practice of gratitude in your daily life. The key to getting the most out of this exercise is to allow yourself to experience a sense of gratitude. For example, if you are truly grateful for a delicious cup of fresh morning coffee that you drink, take a deep breath and “feel grateful” for this cup of coffee.

8. Take responsibility for your life.

Blaming external circumstances and other people for being unhappy with yourself or your life makes you frustrated and angry. Catch your inner critical voice, saying: "If only I ...", or blaming others when something goes wrong. Replace it with the words: "I am responsible for my life and it depends on me how good it will be."

9. Stop worrying about what other people think of you.

Girls are taught from a young age to seek approval from another side. If you are the one who needs to accept the opinions of others, it's time to change that. Having spent time on such a trivial activity, you not only drain your energy, but you cannot get to the best part of yourself. When you catch yourself in the mode of "insecurity", urge your wise inner "I" to embrace the young, less protected "I" and remind him that you need to get approval from yourself and from anyone else.

10. Maintain the beginner's curiosity.

If you want to live a rich, creative and fun life, you need to discover new beginnings for yourself, where you will be a beginner. And even in the area where you have experience, there is always something to learn and things to do. So let go of perfectionism and the need to be an expert in something and learn to perceive the world as a beginner's mind. This will open up many opportunities.

11. Learn to forgive.

Very many of us hold deep insults and wounds inside, even when we accepted an apology. Inability to forgive others is usually a sign of not being able to forgive yourself. Catch your inner voice when you make wicked comments about others. Know that what you feel about them is actually a reflection of what you feel about yourself. Just noting your feelings and saying, “Let go,” you will be surprised at how quickly your feelings of anger and condemnation toward yourself and others dissipate. You will move from feeling pain and isolation to feeling a surge of positive energy, relief, sincerity, and compassion.

12. Practice mindfulness.

We were convinced that in order to achieve success in our lives we need to perform multitasking from the moment we wake up and until we go to bed at night. When you slow down and practice your presence in “here and now” and concentration, you experience a deeper, richer and more meaningful life. A good way to start practicing mindfulness is to stop all that you are doing, sit still, clear your mind and take 3 deep breaths.

13. Do not take yourself too seriously.

Life is paradoxical. On the one hand, to lead a meaningful life is a serious matter, on the other hand, not quite. Knowing how to entertain fun, laughter, and playfulness in your daily life is not only a tonic for the soul, but also contributes to the development of creative abilities and allows you to develop deeper connections with others. Think about it: after you laughed, you do not feel more carefree, happy and able to continue your day with greater ease? The answer will always be yes.