5 actions that you yourself bring your face to old age

Every woman tries to look beautiful. We all want to preserve youth and freshness of the skin as long as possible, but sometimes we make mistakes that only accelerate the appearance of the first wrinkles. Consider what our daily actions provoke premature aging of the skin.

Do not use sunscreen daily

Ultraviolet is one of the main factors of skin aging, which is why cosmetologists recommend applying an appropriate agent with an SPF of at least 30 before each exit to the street. Both in summer and in winter. If it seems to you that another layer of cream will be superfluous (skin care, tonal and even this!), Pay attention to beauty products that perform several functions and include the SPF protection needed by your skin type.

Do not wash off makeup at night.

Who did not happen! But if you make “once possible” a good tradition to go to bed with “full parade,” you will soon begin to notice obvious signs of aging on your face. The fact is that while you are sleeping, a very complex and important process, called regeneration, takes place in the skin. In order for this process to go as expected, the skin must breathe (oxygen entering the skin is an indispensable condition for regeneration!). And how will she breathe if a layer of soot, dust, and sweat securely fixed by a layer of total cream has accumulated on it in a day? Hence the conclusion: before going to bed, the face should be cleaned - without fail!

Use care products not of their age category.

Cosmetologists knowingly divided the line of beauty products by age, each group is designed to perform its functions. For example, in 20 years the girl has no need for wrinkle remedies (there is enough own skin resources), it is better to concentrate on moisturizing. Anti-aging cosmetics are made on the basis of more active components, similar to medicines, which over time there is something like addiction. This type of care products usually contains gilauro and collagen, the latter ceases to be produced over time by the skin if it begins to flow from outside. Therefore, it is better not to rush things, the action "ahead of the curve" can seriously damage the condition of your skin and provoke its premature aging.

Abuse scrubs and pilling

It's very simple - over time, the skin becomes thinner and stretches from frequent interaction with abrasive particles or acids, as a result of which creases and wrinkles begin to appear on it. Not for nothing is it written on a tube of exfoliating agent that they need to be used 1-2 times a week - and no more! In a few days, the stratum corneum of the skin will be renewed and restored. And if he is constantly injured, he will simply stop returning to his original state. As a result - early wrinkles.

Use expired cosmetics

Not just a detrimental effect on the condition of your skin, speeding up its aging at times, but it is elementary dangerous to your health! Of course, the overwhelming majority of girls follow the shelf life of products that they put on their face and periodically conduct an audit in their cosmetic bag, but few take into account the fact that after opening a bottle or tube, it makes no sense to look at the date on the packaging. Look for a small open jar icon next to the expiration date or composition — the number written in it will tell you how many months you have to throw this jar into the trash can, even if it has not been completely used by you.