14 effective ways to lose weight without workouts and diets

Eat Rainbow

Try to make sure that your plate has as many different colors as possible. Meat, vegetables, cereals not only saturate your body, but also delight the eye with its diversity.

Pay for each kilogram

Put a piggy bank or empty jar in a prominent place. Every time you do a short warm-up, put a small amount in it, for example, fifty rubles. And for long workouts pay yourself a hundred rubles. When the piggy bank is full, you will see how much effort you put in and you can reward yourself with a pleasant purchase.

Add protein powder to food

Usually, protein is used for cocktails and is drunk separately from other foods. However, it can also be simply added to food: oatmeal, pancakes, waffles, pastries. Protein powder will make your food more satisfying, and you will be less likely to feel hungry.

Eat more

Paradoxically, to lose weight, you need to eat more. Eat often and in small portions. Ideally, you should have three large meals and five to six snacks per day.

Drink water with grapefruit juice

Grapefruit will not make a magic elixir for weight loss out of water. However, it will give water a taste. In addition, it is believed that grapefruit burns fat cells and accelerates metabolism. So a couple drops of grapefruit juice never hurts.

Do exercises in the morning

ShutterstockTo make your morning exercises more interesting, add an element of surprise. Write the exercise names on small strips of paper and put them in a nice box in the bedroom. Every morning, pull out a piece of paper and do the exercise written on it.

Prepare for the future

Make sure that there is always food in your refrigerator. Cook a saucepan of soup, make a large bowl of salad and bake a piece of meat. Believe me, it is better to cook a lot of food in advance than later, dying from hunger, trying to find at least something edible and useful.

Freeze cereal

Why freeze boiled rice or quinoa, you ask? The idea is to pre-divide the side dish in portions, and not to eat the whole pan at a time. And so you do not have to think every time what to eat for dinner.

Freeze smoothies

Do not want to spend time preparing breakfast? Then on Sunday, make a smoothie, pour in seven packets and freeze. Voila, you have a delicious and healthy breakfast for every day.

Freeze legumes puree

As you understand, you can freeze everything. Legumes, for example, beans, perfectly satisfy hunger and contain a lot of useful trace elements. Puree the beans and freeze in ice tins. A pair of such cubes perfectly complement any lunch.

Cook cauliflower rice

Cauliflower is much healthier than rice. Moreover, from it you can make something similar. Just throw the cabbage into a blender and add to any dish as a side dish. Moreover, we advise you to try cauliflower porridge - to taste it is very similar to oatmeal.

Add chickpeas to oatmeal

For breakfast, it is important to eat as much fiber. It will help you to invigorate and saturate the body for a long time. Chickpeas is rich in fiber, so we recommend making mashed potatoes and adding it to your morning porridge.

Keep healthy snacks handy

At work all the time pulls to eat something unhealthy: chips, cookies, chocolate. Keep nuts, sliced ​​fruit, and cereal bars to stay in touch. They do not harm your figure, unlike chocolate candies.

Say goodbye to sugar

It has long been known that the main enemy of a slim figure is sugar. Moreover, it is addictive. The more you eat sweets, the more you want. It's time to break this vicious circle and say goodbye to sugar. Replace it with fruits and dates, they are much healthier and no less tasty.