5 phrases that will scare a man away from you, even if he really likes you

Simple phrases can ruin your relationship. And the point is not that they are so fragile. Simply, there are phrases that are very painful for men. What you should not say, so as not to destroy your happiness?

“My mom said so”

Even if your man’s relationship with the mother-in-law is not the same as in anecdotes, it’s likely that he will not be happy that you have consulted with your mother on your difficult question, and not with him, your love. Doesn't he deserve your trust? Or is your mother's authority stronger than his?

No, this, of course, does not mean that you do not need to consult with your mother. Like it or not, she is the closest person in your life, and sincerely wishes you well. The most correct decision would be to ask the opinions of both the husband and the mother, and then choose what seems most appropriate to you.

“We won't have sex until you do this.”

The most recent thing is to blackmail a man with sex. This is exactly what you should not do under any scenario. First, it is mean. Secondly, you risk losing the respect of your man by such actions. And finally, this behavior on your part can only lead to treason. It is sexual abstinence in relationships most often leads to the fact that men are looking for an affair on the side.

Choose who is dearer to you: me or friends?

The same goes for the hobby. This is a very stupid phrase, from which one should not expect anything good. Firstly, friends and the woman he loves are completely unequal things, as if he asked you to choose a bag or shoes. Both are necessary for a beautiful image, and a man needs both a woman and friends for a comfortable life. And if you do not think so, it may well be a reason to get away from you.

"But Marinka's husband ..."

It doesn't matter what her husband has Marinka and what's better for him - do not even think of saying this to your beloved. Men categorically do not tolerate when they are compared with others, and do it in a negative way. Perhaps you would prefer a romance with another person, and he only bothers you? Hearing it is very unpleasant - if you want to imagine what it is, just try to mentally swap places with it. Nicely? That's the same thing.

“You're doing it wrong.”

Men's self-esteem - a very fragile thing that you need to take care of everything. If you, of course, dear to this man and your relationship. Otherwise, they can end very quickly - after all, every man expects respect, love and compliments from his woman, and the fact that he does everything wrong does make him think that he is not worthy of you. Perhaps he should find another woman for himself, and try to start all over again?