How different zodiac signs joke


Who is the soul of the company, and who prefers to listen to others and laugh at other people's jokes?


The most cheerful sign of the zodiac, which gets great pleasure from the positive reaction of others to their jokes. And they can sometimes do something quite incredible so that people can laugh.


Jokes and funny stories from his own life - the fad of this zodiac sign. They tell them so funny that even the most serious and restrained will laugh until you drop.


People of this sign laugh at others and their shortcomings, but they do it kindly, forcing people to accept themselves as they are. And this is precisely their quality that attracts people around them.


Aries' humor is straightforward and a little tough, but they always get to the point and can make people laugh in a few seconds. And they never mind fooling around and people like it a lot.


The representatives of this sign of humor a little hard and aggressive, but at the same time so thin and unconventional, that you will not be able to stop laughing. Scorpios manage to joke even on things that other people do not perceive, and they do it brilliantly.


Weapons of this sign - sarcasm. This is how they perceive what happens to them or to the people who surround them. They will not be shy if something happens to them. They only turn the situation into a joke.


Taurus prefers to listen to other people's jokes and laugh at them rather than joking on their own. But in close company, they themselves tell incredible stories that people like very much.


Long stories - that's how the representatives of this sign joke. Sometimes it kills the zest of a joke, but if the people around are listening to the end, they will laugh heartily.

a lion

These people have a great sense of humor, but sometimes the Lions are too addicted to details, which makes the joke not so funny as it could be. Despite this, in company with them is still very fun.


Sometimes Aquarius can be very insular and carefully hide their emotions. But the open and friendly representative of this sign is a real treasure, which you definitely will not get bored with.


Sometimes the Cancer jokes are too hard and even ambiguous. But if there are people around who appreciate just such humor, his subtle phrases will be a success.


People of this sign is incredibly difficult to laugh. They are very serious. They often lack the understanding that if you find something funny in people, things and situations, life will not be worse, but better.