Why chocolate is actually harmful to the body and how to refuse it

With statements that chocolate contains palm oil, which can cause cancer, your thought must have flashed through the thought that now is the time to leave it and never return to it. But at the same time, scientists have proven that cocoa is a very useful product. And also that chocolate helps to cope with pressure. And then hope was warm in the soul: maybe it is still useful? Unfortunately not. The level of fat and sugar in chocolate negates all its advantages - all the same scientists say.

Yes, not easy. Especially when you consider the fact that for many of us to stop eating chocolate seems just an impossible task. But we have a couple of options for how to safely abandon your favorite tile. Or not even one.

Chocolate addiction

People are addicted to certain foods, and chocolate is one of them. For example, for rats, Oreo cookies are the same kind of drug as cocaine or morphine. Chocolate stimulates the centers of the brain that are responsible for the production of dopamine and seratonin - the same thing happens with the use of nicotine, alcohol and heroin. Hence the desire to eat another piece, and behind it another one and one more.

Are you still wondering why chocolate seems so attractive to us? Well, evolution has so programmed our body that we need to consume sugar, fats and high-calorie foods, because they were key for our ancestors to survive. And chocolate unites everything: sugar, fats, and calories.

How to stop eating chocolate

Experts advise you to abstain for at least two weeks to allow your hormones to calm down while you are breaking yourself, trying to give up old habits and instill new ones in yourself. Get rid of potential sources of temptation. Hide, throw out, walk past the shelves in the supermarket. If necessary, change the route home, so as not to run into the same store where you always bought the same tile. You can start breaking (if you are incredibly addicted), but it can be overcome if you eat foods high in protein.

Be realistic. Understand why you need it. Remember, this is for your own good. After two or three weeks of total failure, allow yourself a piece (one!) Of dark chocolate. Give yourself a promise to eat less, eat more intelligently and feel the taste, texture and aroma. Learn to enjoy small. And then you do not want to eat a whole tile at a time.

Take a day or two to see what makes you want to eat chocolate. Habit bite? Emotions? As soon as you understand, start working. If you find out that you are looking for the next Twix, when you are nervous, then at such moments do something that will distract you from these thoughts. Meditate, for example. If you want to eat a piece or two after a hearty lunch, then take along a package with healthy snacks when you leave home for work.

In order not to seize stress, it is better to take a walk or go shopping. Even buying a magazine can have the same effect on the brain as eating fatty, full of sugar, muffin.

What to replace chocolate

Protein bars. They are low in sugar, high in protein, low in calories. But you should always read the composition: there are such "useful" bars, the sugar content of which will be more than in any chocolate bar.

Chocolate nut paste. But only natural! With cocoa content.

Chocolate tea. A great substitute for a cup of hot chocolate. Sugar free, minimum calories.