As each sign of the zodiac destroys its relationship, without knowing it



You ruin your life by falling in love with toxic people that devastate you. When you begin to feel too strong feelings for them, it seems to you that without them you can no longer live. However, in reality, in your relationship, only they benefit from your own self-destruction.


You ruin your life by choosing easy and safe ways. You are not accustomed to taking risks for the sake of love, and you are afraid of the failures that have plagued yours in the past. You choose those you know well, because this is the most comfortable for you. But in fact, you deserve such a person who even inspires fear in you a little.


You ruin your life by deceiving yourself about who you are and what you really want. Your inability to make a decision leaves you with a choice of several options, but the fear of making the wrong choice prevents you from moving forward.


You ruin your life without demanding what you want from your partner. Relationships consist in the equal participation of each of the partners in them, so if you constantly give and do not talk about your own needs, in the end you just get offended and angry at your partner. Do not be afraid to behave selfishly sometimes.

a lion

You ruin your life by hiding your feelings. You think emotions make you weak. You think tears and vulnerability are not normal. You reject these feelings and have no idea how to express them. Therefore, you are drawn to overly emotional people, whose feelings you are unable to understand or share to the full.


You ruin your life by constantly searching for the perfect partner. You have an approved list of requirements, which is simply impossible to meet. No matter how hard your partner tries and how much he loves you, you strive for what you think you do not have. First you need to be happy with yourself to be happy with someone else.


You ruin your life by not accepting people as they are. You want to believe that everyone is guided only by the best motives and often choose those who never act in this way.


You ruin your life by not allowing others to get through to yourself and not giving everyone equal opportunities. You trust only yourself, but when you close yourself from good people out of fear, you forbid yourself to simple emotions, which you think are only signs of weakness.


You ruin your life, believing you should always be the most enduring. You are sure that you should always solve your own problems by yourself. However, there is nothing wrong with asking for help, because it is for this that your partner exists.


You ruin your life by worrying too much about what others think about your partner. Remember that all that matters is that he makes you the happiest, and not how others perceive him.


You are destroying your life, trying to use people to fill the void that has formed in your heart. However, this does not help you at all, because you are constantly changing one partner after another instead of first and foremost dealing with yourself.


You ruin your life by choosing the people who hurt you again and again. Doing the same thing, but at the same time hoping for a different result is just silly. You deserve much more than you can even imagine.