The most stylish combination of manicure and jewelry: 6 shades of luxury

This season at the peak of popularity of metal, berry and radiant shades. We tell you what color to choose and with what rings to combine it in order to achieve an ultra-stylish effect.

Ripe cherry

This saturated shade of nail polish with a certain lighting looks black, but it also has more depth due to burgundy overflows. In combination with such a manicure, it is enough to put on minimalistic gold rings at once - you can use several fingers at once.


Fashionable color in clothes turned into a shade of nail polish. Add a few bold rings - you can choose brass rings or rings of various geometric shapes - and a fashionable image is ready. By the way, if you get tired of khaki, you can apply instead of it any other green shade of varnish. In other words, all shades of green are in fashion.


An alternative to classic red? Juicy crimson shade of manicure. He immediately takes you into the summer, and is also perfect for everything you want to wear: from a knitted dress to jeans and a T-shirt. A pair of gold rings with precious stones perfectly complement the image.


With a rich emerald green manicure, combine with a similar stone on your middle finger, and you can wear minimalist thin gold rings on the rest. If you are thinking of taking a clutch with you, choose a neutral light shade of it so as not to overload the image.


If you are bored with white, you can choose milky shades or muted gray. Silver rings of various geometric shapes or even with small pearl inserts will make manicure not a bit boring.

Metallic gold

This precious shade of lacquer will ideally look like a duet with minimalist rings of rose gold or copper-colored jewelery. In addition, it is a great option for a festive look.