Victims of beauty: 6 beauty-habits of the East, which shock you

Excessive skin whitening

The boom on the white skin of Asians gave birth to a huge variety of bleaching agents on the shelves of their cosmetic stores. White skin seems to them more aristocratic and attractive. But they cannot do with cosmetics alone. The most popular way of bleaching in Asians is to use a lemon and protein mask. They mix these two ingredients one tablespoon each, put a mask on the face and wait until it dries. An even more unexpected ingredient for skin whitening is kefir.

Skin care too long

An hour a day, Asians spend on homemade skin care. Thirty minutes in the morning and thirty in the evening just to apply the cream on the skin. Can you imagine it? They have the following list of cosmetics: cleansing foam or face cream, tonic, serum, emulsion, morning or night mask for moisturizing the skin and face cream. And this is not counting the time required for applying makeup. Shocking, but inspiring.

Shiny hair

Shiny and strong Asian hair causes jealousy in girls from all over the world. None of the nations you will find such a high percentage of beautiful hair. What's the secret? In Asian vinegar. The girls stir a couple of tablespoons of vinegar in a liter of water and rinse their hair after washing. The effect will appear immediately after the hair is dry. This unusual secret of Asians, you can try.

Eyelid surgery

It is no secret that Asians are a little ashamed of their narrow cut eyes and want to look like a European in everything. The operation on the eyelids is considered the most popular in Asia. Most actresses and female singers went through it. Why are there women, even Jackie Chan went for it under the knife. But there is another shocking way to enlarge the eye section, but without the help of a plastic surgeon. Asians stick stickers on their eyelids that lift the upper crease of the eyes. The higher stick, the more European the result will be. Learning ingenuity from women in Asia.

Cheekbone Reduction Operations

Here is a paradox. Europeans (that is, we) are doing our best to increase our cheekbones in the manner of Angelina Jolie, we stuff fillers in our face and even go under the knife, while in Asia the cheek reduction surgery is in second place after blepharoplasty. The fact is that large cheekbones are the same feature of Asians, as well as a narrow cut of the eyes. And from all their features, they, as we have already found out, are trying to carefully get rid of. But during this operation, the surgeon must modify the shape of the bones, due to which such an intervention is considered to be very difficult and dangerous. Such an operation lasts about eight hours. And that person finally came to the norm takes up to one and a half years.