4 ways to solve the problem of chubby cheeks with a bronzer

A bronzer can do a lot: true, if you know how to apply it correctly. From highlighting to visual reduction of the face - its possibilities will become limitless as soon as you learn certain application techniques.

How to choose the right bronzer

First, the most important. You will not learn how to apply bronzer, if you pick the wrong shade, remember this. Warm sand-beige products will look good on people with pale skin. The same applies to peach, and pink, and pale pink shades. Golden shades will suit the owners of olive and yellow skin, and shining will look great on a dark and tanned face.

How to apply bronzer

Application method will directly depend on the type of product. Crumbly, cream or liquid bronzers - choose any option that you prefer.
For beginners or lovers of the classics, a crumbly bronzer, which is applied with a brush, is best suited. By the way, those who are afraid that after applying an unimaginable amount of bronzer on the face may not worry: this method of application allows you to evenly apply the product.

For those who are in this business is not the first day and prefers to choose a bronzer for a shade darker than the skin, you can try liquid textures. Best suited products on an oily basis.

And if you want to try yourself in contouring the face, then try cream bronzer. Apply it on the center of the nose or on the cheekbone area and blend with a brush, beauty blender or fingers.

Where to apply bronzer

The main thing you need to remember is to apply bronzer only on those areas that would be the most tanned in the sun: forehead, bridge of nose and cheekbones. To add even more effect, you can focus on the dimpled cheeks. If you use liquid bronzer, then for a more radiant and spectacular look, you can also apply it on the shoulders.

Which bronzer to buy

One of the best is Bobbi Brown's Bronzing Powder. It is presented in eight different shades, has a matte finish and fits well on the skin.