5 actions that you unwittingly repel men

You're too beautiful

There is a type of men who are primarily concerned about your appearance. If you have met such a person, be prepared to become for him just an ornament. And as soon as you appear in front of him with a bundle, in pajamas and without make-up, he will immediately start thinking about how to get rid of you.

When you meet a man who you like, make sure that he is interested in your inner world, your hobbies, and not just how attractive you look.

You are too sexy

The more attractive a woman is sexually, the more likely it is that there will be men around her who are concerned exclusively with the physical aspect of relationships. You can spend more than one night with such a man, but believe me, things will not go further. After all, he is not interested in you, but in your body. So, if he starts talking about how cool your priest is from the first meeting, it's worth the effort.

You seem inaccessible

Many men who are capable of building relationships and are prone to emotional intimacy may simply be afraid of your beauty. They underestimate themselves in advance and think that they simply have no chance to spend the evening with such a goddess.

Of course, we can say that these are only their problems with self-esteem. But what if that shy man is your destiny, and you will miss him now, because they are too dazzling? Yes, beauty is not only a gift, but also a curse.

But this can be easily fixed. Look, suddenly there is a person in your environment who communicates with you, but is afraid to move to more decisive actions. Why not help him and take the first step by herself? Show that you are not so out of reach, and you can communicate with you, as with other people.

You are too closed

Not once mistaken in men, a woman can close on the stronger sex in principle. To any man she will be treated with caution and skepticism. And such a defensive reaction is quite understandable. However, the problem is that the “armor” can not only protect you from villains, but also not let the very person you have been waiting for you to come to.

How to solve this problem? Before dating try to learn about him as much as possible. Fortunately, there are social networks. During the meeting, give him a chance, imagine that this is an interview and in a short time try to find out everything that interests you. And do not treat him prejudiced, suddenly he will be the man of your dreams.

You too want to like

Many women think that the more attractive they look, the higher their chances to attract a man. This is true, but you do not need a partner for one night, but a man with whom you could build a relationship. So forget about ultra sexy clothes, high heels and a bright make-up. Moreover, it is not appropriate at all dates. You do not want to be hobbled behind him in the park in heels or so that the whole pub will look at your evening dress.

Keep it simple: dress nicely, but with taste, consider where you are going. If you can not refuse the style of the goddess, then on a date, try to demonstrate your mind, sense of humor. Show him that you are not only incredibly beautiful, but also interesting.