What you absolutely can not wear after 30 years: 5 taboos

30 years - perhaps the most controversial age. On the one hand, you are still quite young and fresh, and it is too early for you to put on senile overalls. On the other hand, you have become a truly adult woman, and therefore you must emphasize your beauty in an adult way.

After 30 years, stylists unanimously recommend relying on elegance and femininity. And in order to maintain your status in the eyes of others, you should exclude from your wardrobe things that you could afford a few years ago.

Synthetic things

Synthetics is a thing of course, quite affordable, but you can call it beautiful and stylish only with a very big stretch. Remember what Andy said in the movie "The Devil Wears Rights" about her synthetic sweaters? This is the best example of the kind of reaction that such things will cause in a society of people who really understand the things that stand. And 30 years is just the age when it’s time to give up the bakery and tasteless things, and move on to really high-quality and beautiful ones.

Crop tops

Of course, the case here depends largely on how you wear them. The option that is permissible for women over 30 is a crop top in combination with a high waist and necessarily an extended blazer. But an open belly looks good only at 16 (in extreme cases - 18 years old).

Decorated denim

Although jeans and jackets from denim, decorated with “pearls” are relevant now, for women in their 30s they look not at all as good as on models on the catwalk. In life, such things often look tasteless. You do not want everyone to think that you are buying things on the market (even if in fact they are from a fashion boutique)?

Miniskirts and short dresses

Not all 30-year-old ladies go mini-skirts. And even if you tried it on, and you like your look in the mirror, at least look at yourself from behind and from the side. Sometimes even what looks good at first glance can look awful on the street. In addition, the midi model (especially when it comes to pencil skirts) looks much more interesting and sexier.

Plastic jewelry

If you do not want to create an image of the nanny Vika (which, by the way, is a real nightmare in terms of style), you should choose more “adult” jewelry - jewelry or expensive jewelry. Neat minimalist necklaces, thin strings of pearls, silver or even gold small jewelery look much more interesting than plastic trinkets that cannot make you stylish. But from expensive stones in the daytime should refrain - this is a strict fashionable taboo.