Secret: 8 of the most magnetic things of women's wardrobe according to men


Men are attracted by our inner self-confidence. Men like women who like themselves. An attractive woman is a woman who knows how to be a person - with her own interests, hobbies and riddles, with her own world. We women create a beautiful image ourselves and a man falls in love with his final version. Of course, this is not the only thing that attracts men. Our clothes can attract the man you like and highlight the interest in him. The fashion is changing, the views on beauty are changing, but, as the polls show, the male idea of ​​female attractiveness remains unchanged.

Dress with cuts on the shoulders

Cutouts on the shoulders excite the male fantasy. For the winter option is ideal for a dress with half-closed shoulders. Highlight your beauty and fragility.
Dress You & You, Dress You & You,


Glasses have long become a fashionable accessory that is worn even by those who have good eyesight. I attract women with glasses - the female image becomes inaccessible and defenseless for them at the same time. Fortunately, today, a huge selection of various frames, and many collect entire collections. For example, Evelina Khromtchenko has more than a dozen pairs and they all harmonize with her clothes in different ways.
Vogue® Eyewear frame,. Vogue® Eyewear frame,.

Lace in clothes

Lace blouse looks at the same time gently and sexy. Lace is one of the most magnetic fabrics for men. Openwork blouse and set you on a romantic mood that your chosen one will feel.
Blouse LOST INK, Blouse LOST INK,

Leather skirt

Men adore the smooth shiny texture of the skin, or maybe just leather clothing - is it insanely erotic? Angelina Jolie prefers to wear a leather skirt with a white blouse - extraordinary and elegant. By the way, leather skirt goes well with rough sweaters and bright colors, which are very relevant this year.
O'stin Skirt, O'stin Skirt,

White blouse

White - the color of purity and accuracy, which is feminine and attractive in itself. In men, there is a whole associative array: flight attendants, nurses, teachers ... Most men find these images very attractive and sexy.
Mango blouse, Mango blouse,

Sports leggings

Tight leggings or shorts, sports tops, hair gathered in a ponytail - all this looks very attractive to men's eyes. Men subconsciously begin to sympathize with the beautiful body of the woman and the woman who practices them.
Sports suit Jolifashn,. Sports suit Jolifashn,.


Underwear for men - as a gift wrap. Choose a model in which you are comfortable, and the color of the linen will tell the man what mood you are in today.
Women'secret bra, Women'secret bra,

Stiletto Boots

Stiletto shoes cause a man's heart to beat faster. It is possible to combine black boots with high heels with casual jeans and classic dresses. Under the skirts and dresses in the cold season, stylists recommend choosing tight black tights.
Conhpol-Bis Treads, Conhpol-Bis Treads,.