How to always look well-groomed: 10 beauty tricks for every occasion

A lot of articles are written about facials, body, makeup. But not everywhere they talk about what really works. Who else but an expert in the field of beauty Yana Laputina may know about the most obscure and most effective beauty tricks.
Yana Laputina, beauty expert, founder of the Time of Beauty clinic 1. Always store ice cubes with frozen herbal teas in the freezer. This is a great help to refresh your skin in the morning. Especially after a sleepless night.

2. After a long dark autumn and winter, it is difficult to look like a Hollywood actress because of dull skin. Use a bronzer in order for a slight shade of tan to appear in a couple of hours.

3. How to appease your appetite? Always keep simple water on hand and drink as much as possible in small sips. Not always our brain correctly gives out desires. For example, banal thirst can often be confused with hunger.

4. Body cream with "tasty" flavors discourage the desire to once again eat a chocolate or muffin. Take note of healthy sweets for the body.

5. Well-groomed eyebrows of the correct form and natural color attract the attention of others, and even you can not paint the eyelashes and look one hundred percent due to such perfect eyebrows.
Shutterstock6. Peel and dry elbows, but at hand there is no cream? Use your favorite lip balm.

7. If you urgently need to tidy up your ass (before you leave, for example), but you no longer have time for the hall, make an appointment with a plastic surgeon. He will recommend and select an implant in this area or recommend lipofilling. This is when your own fat is pumped to the right place and fills with a volume of emptiness. Such an operation is gaining momentum and is becoming more popular. Exactly as the popularity of lipofilling is growing, when using a cannula your own fat is moved from one place to another, filling a sagging ass, for example, or a chest.

8. In the plane, we must not forget about its beauty. Apply patches under the eyes for the entire flight, which will prevent the appearance of edema and tighten the skin.

9. Do you want to look neat and well-groomed - do not grow huge doll eyelashes and hair of unnatural length. This makes you artificial and gives a sloppy look the day after you leave the salon. Yes, having increased all the beauty for yourself now, you look good, but tomorrow the situation will change.

10. Keep track of your hands and nails. The age of the woman always gives the skin condition of the hands. The trend for all time - French on the semi-long nails and a bright red manicure on a short oval. Just remember this.