The hard truth about mistakes in a relationship with a man that all women need to know


What are the basic principles of a good and strong relationship? Attempting to define the “core” or “foundation”, the basis of something, requires more in-depth study and detection of the very situations that cannot or should not be ignored.

So, five truths about relationships that are important for women to remember.

Your partner is not perfect

He will not be like that. Good relationships or marriages are possible without ideal partners. Strong alliances are obtained when two people are reasonably compatible with each other, when everyone is looking for all the good in the other, when there is mutual support, forgiveness and respect.

No one can find the perfect partner, because we all have our shortcomings, with which we very rarely want to leave at the request of loved ones. Reflections on the imperfections of your man will only poison the relationship. Learn to let go of trivia. If you must focus on something, it is only to find the good qualities of your chosen one. Yes, it’s impossible to turn a blind eye to the shortcomings, but it’s definitely not worth focusing on them.

Your man can not make your life full

Many young couples have unrealistic expectations that the relationship will “fill up” or “correct” the previously destroyed moments of their lives. To some extent this happens, but not completely.

If you enter into a relationship, believing that your man will be your best friend, counselor, replacement of your father IT. you will be disappointed. Offense will eventually take root. When this happens, there will be a big parting just around the corner.

Instead of insisting that all these functions should be performed only by your chosen one, rely more on friends, family and yourself. By forming relationships in this way, you will live a fuller life, having a happier relationship.

It is wrong to think that your man can satisfy all your needs. But many women inadvertently and unconsciously fall into the trap of such thinking. Unfortunately, they may not realize this until the pressure created by such demands leads to a painful rupture.

Each of us (regardless of relationship: spouse, parent, child, friend) must take a sober look at our expectations. If they prove unrealistic, let them go. You and your partner will be happier, and, paradoxically, your relationship will become closer.

You get from relationships that invest in them

If you invest time / thought / energy in developing stronger and healthier relationships, you are likely to be rewarded with amazing relationships.

This is not a guarantee, but a principle (just as if you were exercising and eating right, you would probably be healthier and live longer than if you never played sports or did not eat properly).

The efforts you put into your relationship can be more effective if you speak frankly with your loved one about what is good and bad for the relationship. Honestly consider all the questions and think about what each of you can take steps to strengthen the weak points in the relationship.

Speak about it once a month. This is very important: mark it in your calendar.

Marriage is something like an investment account

And in this paragraph we are already talking about marriage. The more you invest in building a strong bond with your spouse (showing kindness, support, affection and respect), the more your emotional bank account grows. Then, when you really make some mistake (forget about your anniversary or buy something, giving in to impulse, not coordinating it with your spouse), there will be enough “emotional means” to cover the losses incurred by your relationship.

This approach should not be used as a trick to allow for wrong behavior that simply looks like manipulation.

Be determined to build intimacy, good memories, overall success.

Love is a verb, not a noun

Most people say that one of the important reasons they decided to get married was “falling in love”. They had deep feelings of affection, admiration and love for each other.

Feelings, however, will grow and fade. Both in relationships and in marriage there are times when these feelings are very weak or not at all. Some women, when confronted with them, will be asked: “Why should I remain married (in a relationship) if I no longer love him?”

Those who have similar views on love may not end very well, having several marriages and constant breaks in relationships. Feelings are impermanent, they are changeable things; Do not base your marriage on an unstable foundation of feelings.

Instead, admit that love includes more than feelings. What is fundamentally, love is the obligation to do what is best for the other, and that this commitment should be expressed in daily activities that will support and show respect.

When this approach is taken consistently, the feeling of love, which can sometimes weaken, will eventually return, mature and take root more deeply in your relationship.