What do your zodiac men say they don't like about you?


Women are not always kind and fluffy. What is already there, we are people too. But some of our traits literally take the men out of themselves! Find out what your trait annoys men the most, according to your zodiac sign.


Your selfishness and desire to manipulate men is definitely not what men want in their beloved woman. Yes, and not always ready to compete.


You can not argue! But every man believes that he is right, and it’s quite painful for him to admit defeat. Especially if in a dispute a griddle is flying into his head.


You are very inconstant, and quickly lose interest in your partner. And sometimes you decide to have an affair on the side. Men - owners by nature, and this is not tolerated.


You are so touchy that any man next to you gets tired very quickly. To live in a minefield is not the greatest pleasure, if you never know where it will blow.

a lion

You consider yourself a goddess, but not every man agrees to be your subject. Sometimes you have too many requests to satisfy.


To become your man, he must fit your ideal in and out. At the same time, no one really knows what the ideal is. Even you yourself.


You constantly demand admiration for you, and at the same time you cannot stand the routine. Your desire for a permanent holiday is sometimes very tiring.


Not every man has such strong nerves to make love with you. Try to be at least a little kinder and more appeasable, at least next to any person. Yes, and violent emotions are sometimes worth keeping under control.


You are almost as inconstant as Gemini, but unlike them you are also jealous. In men, it just does not fit in the head, why should he let you go to the left, and he should not even look there.


With you it is never clear what you think about a person, because on your face there is always arrogance and contempt. After all, you also feel positive emotions - in sometimes showing them, there is nothing wrong.


You are too freedom loving. Few men are able to hold you for long. And those who did succeed, constantly suffer from loud jealousy scenes. Why are you with them?


You come up with your own problems and love when others solve them for you. And men very quickly get tired of your constant paranoia and the constant demands for confirmation of their feelings towards you.

And now take into account the peculiarities of your character based on the sign of the zodiac and enjoy your beauty. We have compiled a list of things that are most unpleasant for men in our external video.