4 things in the wardrobe that give mistress

What is better - to be the wife or mistress of a wealthy man? Although mistresses are often jealous of lawful spouses, there are points on which, on the contrary, wives would like to be in their place. For example, these nuances in the wardrobe.

The mistress is always underwear in sets

No separate pants and bras. Only kits. And, more importantly, only beautiful and sexy kits. In the end, the mistress does not need to do housework. She can allow herself to be beautiful and attractive always and feel like a queen.

Casual wear made from expensive materials

If the wife wears cotton because it is comfortable and practical, then in the lover's wardrobe you can easily find dresses and blouses made of natural silk, velvet jackets, cashmere sweaters and much more. On her shoulders, after all, does not lie the whole family, which you need to take care of, and she does not care about her husband’s shirts.

Dear perfume not only for a special occasion

Because the mistress has a special occasion always. Why should she save - when the first bottle of perfume is over, a lover will give her another one. But his wife will have to save - if her perfume runs out, her husband will easily declare that she does not need perfume, she still does not go anywhere.

Mistress wears a small handbag

Purse, lipstick and car keys - that's all that is required mistress. But his wife will have to bring spare things for children, and on the way back, go to the supermarket and save on the package, putting all the purchased products in his huge bag. And in her little nothing exactly fit. It remains only to envy.