7 qualities of a woman all men dream of

A woman who literally all men worship, dream of her and consider it the standard, exists not only in films, books and fictional reality. In fact, to become the one who will be a lady-perfection for the male is not so difficult. There are 7 features that will make you exactly one that is not possible to miss by.

1. The ability to love yourself

Yes, it focuses on loving yourself, not a man. There is a simple law of life - the more a woman herself, respects, values, protects and cherishes, the more her man will love. Such a woman will be self-sufficient, moderately independent and will not enter into painfully dependent love, which causes pain and frustration.

2. Strong character

Although traditionally at all times the standard of femininity is precisely weakness and dependence on a man, yet the stronger sex in the life partner choose to choose the woman who has a core inside and is endowed with a strong character. This does not mean that you should immediately become bulletproof, sharp, rude and endow yourself with masculine character traits. Nobody has canceled the concepts of softness and tenderness, but, nevertheless, that woman who has a recalcitrant disposition more attracts men.

3. Education

A woman who perfectly knows the rules of etiquette, an intellectual, will be polite and brought up will always be a cut above the rest. Men appreciate these qualities very much, because they show how a woman respects others, knows how to present herself in society and is highly educated.

4. Empathicity

Empathy is the ability to sense and adopt the emotions and feelings of other people. Very valuable quality, if it does not reach extremes. When choosing a darling, a man is always looking for one that can understand him, feel, reciprocate and provide emotional help and support.

5. Independence

A woman should always be independent - from the opinions of others, the people around her, and, most importantly, from the man who is next to her. And here we have in mind not only financial independence, although it is also very important. Equally important is independence, emotional and personal. An independent woman will never dissolve in a man, lift him on a pedestal and sacrifice his own life.

6. Well-groomed

It is not necessary to be a beauty from the cover of a glossy magazine, a woman should be obliged to a well-groomed woman. As you know, men are attracted not so much by the bright and catchy beauty, but by the naturalness, the ability to present themselves, their personal individuality and their own unique taste. And, of course, do not forget to take care of yourself and indulge yourself.

7. Respect for others

Sometimes, in order to understand what a person is and how it really is, you can simply see how it treats people and interacts with the outside world. Do not expect that the image of a cynical stinker will attract men, except for a one-time adrenaline and peppercorn. Men love women who respect those who are near, know how to take someone else's opinion, do not weave intrigue and do not cause pain and evil.