These 5 simple tricks will turn your makeup into a professional

Applying makeup is not only neat, but also competently - not an easy task. Not for nothing that makeup artists first learn and then practice a lot. However, this, of course, is no reason to refuse makeup in general. As the legendary Coco Chanel said, a woman who doesn’t make herself up is too high an opinion about herself. Therefore, use cosmetics to a minimum, to emphasize their natural virtues.

Use light textures.

Shutterstock With dense textures you need to be able to handle. One wrong move, and make-up is permanently damaged. Lightweight is not only very convenient to use, but also looks much more natural. This is especially true of tonal resources and lipstick.

Make permanent makeup

Shutterstock If you always have a little time, and the makeup is absolutely not enough, do permanent makeup. This is not cheap, but affordable procedure that will save you a lot of time that you spend on makeup. And with it you can swim - in the summer, this is also important.

Use funds in sticks

Shutterstock Concealer, eye shadow and even a tool for eyebrow design should be chosen in the form of a stick. Such cosmetics are much more convenient to use both at home and somewhere else. You can always take it with you to touch up your makeup if necessary. And apply cosmetics, which is packaged in the form of a stick, can be much faster and more accurate.

Eyelash lamination

ShutterstockYou dream of thick and long eyelashes, but the mascara seems impractical to you? Try lamination lash procedure. It not only makes them thicker and more beautiful even without makeup, but also helps to improve their condition. You may not even paint them - they will look beautiful and, not least, natural.

Outline pencil

Shutterstock You do not have time for complex makeup, but your face does not seem very expressive? Paint the lash line with a contour pencil and your eyes will become much more attractive. For greater effect, you should add mascara - a simple, natural and very stylish makeup in 5 minutes is ready.