Rating of the best men in the signs of the zodiac



Despite their bad reputation, Scorpio men are not only charismatic and charming, but also very deep and complex. If you succeed in winning the heart of a Scorpion male, you will receive his love, devotion and dedication. As the most faithful of all signs of the zodiac, they are the best partners. Despite the huge number of complex traits of character inherent in them, behind all of them lies the heart of gold.

If you already meet a Scorpio man, then you realize that he needs freedom and his personal space. An ideal pair for them would be a person who understands and respects it. Someone who is hard to touch, because no matter how good their intentions are, they are always extremely honest and frank. But, by and large, they will do everything to make you happy.


Gemini men fall in love very quickly, can look at someone and confidently say that this person personifies their future. The Gemini man is an example of a real gentleman. They do everything politely and treat everyone with respect. Among their best qualities: the ability to listen and the ability to look at the situation from the point of view of another person. They will never let you down and will not upset you. As your partner, they will motivate you to achieve more and do everything as well as you could not have thought possible.


Libra - the most peaceful of all the signs of the zodiac. In a relationship, Libra man will always try to avoid a possible quarrel. They are wise to choose their battles. But if they enter into a quarrel, it is only in relation to whom they care about and undoubtedly gain the upper hand in it. Libra is the funniest and most interesting among all the signs of the zodiac. And they treat their lover better than anyone else.

They do not think about what you can give them, they just give and give until there is nothing left to give. The willful person will be most comfortable with them, and if you need them, they will always be with you. Despite the fact that they can be popular and be the soul of every party they just end up with, do not let this fact scare you, because your presence next to them at each such moment makes them even happier.


Aries men love to dominate in all their ways. When they meet a woman who is able to challenge them, she attracts them much more. They will never start a relationship with a weak woman.

Aries men belong to the category of men who can make any person devote time and attention to them. They seem daring and arrogant, but in reality all this is only an appearance. Because as soon as you make your way behind the wall erected by them, you will be able to get acquainted with such a side of them, about which even their friends have no clue. And if you win their heart, they will agree to everything you say.


Male Cancers are endowed with a golden heart and do not know how to hide their feelings. They follow their heart and do not take into account what the mind tells them, so they always meet with the wrong women. But as soon as they find the one, they will unconditionally love and treat you better than in any other person in their life. Male Cancers pamper their women with gifts and undivided attention. These relationships can change your standards.

a lion

Male Lions - hopeless romance. Despite the fact that they may seem harsh, they believe in love more than any other sign of the zodiac and will do everything in their power to guarantee their partner a special feeling of love. Male Lions will always give more than they receive, because the happiness of a woman measures their own happiness. They know that the support of a strong, loving woman standing next to them is the most valuable thing you can have in life. Since they are one of the surest signs of the zodiac, know that you can always trust them.


Male Aquarius is the strangest and at the same time the most amusing among all the signs of the zodiac. They live by their own rules and sometimes even live in their own world. They are unlikely to become the best partners simply because they are not always on the same wavelength with those around them. But also they are not the worst partners, because they put maximum effort, doing their best.

If you realize that you have begun to fall in love with them, be ready to take all the first steps yourself, because they are sorely lacking confidence, and they absolutely do not understand the hints. In your couple, you will always make decisions in terms of your relationship, since your partner will do everything you tell him.


Sagittarius men are given a difficult relationship, primarily because they themselves are their own worst enemies. And they often make decisions when it is too late. If they are in a public place and notice the person who is interested in them, they have been thinking too long about how to attract the attention of this person, that by the time they finally made a decision, someone else had already taken the initiative, therefore, they can only despair. In relationships, they are always faithful and kind, but in any situation they always find themselves on the way.


Capricorn men place really high expectations on everything that happens in their lives one way or another. Relationships are no exception. They add pressure on the person they are currently interested in, whether in terms of career or personal life.

They love to be decision makers and in control. Their ideal partner must be a passive person who allows himself to lead. Despite the fact that they act only with the best of intentions, their arrogance often gives them trouble.


Virgos are the most envious of all signs of the zodiac and have the most terrible temperament when they lose their temper and cannot control it. They tend to remember the past and use any means to humiliate you. They always come to their senses quickly and apologize, but their poisonous tongues do not simplify the process of their forgiveness at all and only make it difficult to feel tender feelings towards them.


Taurus men are hard to make. They concentrate much more on their families and careers. Relationships have never been a priority for them. Therefore, when you meet someone who seems interesting to you, you may find yourself in such a situation that you will not be sure of your own position. He may behave like your partner, but he will not put this label on himself until he is sure that he can spend the rest of his life with you.

They do not meet with someone for the sake of pleasure, they meet with an eye to the future and marriage. For them, it is important that the partner has the same values ​​and strives to achieve the same goals. Taurus men need a man who will support them one hundred percent. But due to the fact that they are so fixated on themselves, a huge number of women give up on them because of their unwillingness to take a step towards them.


Male Pisces is the most sensitive among all the signs of the zodiac. They tend to be such people who are their opposite. This complicates relationships due to the occurrence of conflicts in which they invariably suffer on any occasion, and their partner cannot get used to their sensitivity. When they find the very person who understands them, they can become ideal partners. But most of the time they live in their own fantasy world, comprehending and feeling everything on a deeper level, which, by and large, is too much for many people.

Given their kind hearts and good intentions, they always manage to make a choice in favor of the wrong people. The point is not that they themselves are bad partners, they choose the wrong people who only awaken their worst qualities - envy and insecurity.