3 almost imperceptible habits that make you insecure

As a woman, we always compare ourselves with other women. Competing in our nature and comparing ourselves with friends have become a part of our daily life.

Most women do it subconsciously. It is in human nature to notice the differences between you and someone else, especially when you feel that this person is in a better position than you.

You look at another woman and her family and wonder why your family cannot be like that. You look at her work and wonder why you do not earn as much money as she earns. You look at her husband, car, house, and wonder.

Many women think that there is nothing bad in comparison if we use it as a motivation to improve our own life. Motivation can be the best friend, best work colleague. If we look at the positive impact that a person has, and decide to try to have a stronger impact on ourselves, then there will be no problems, right? But usually this does not work.

Our comparisons are superficial and based on jealousy. We concentrate on things that do not matter, and we feel even more insecure, jealous and dissatisfied with life because of this. We prevent our growth, do not allow ourselves to have true friendships and do not allow ourselves to be as happy as possible.

Look at the reasons below to find out how important it is to focus on being the best, without paying much attention to everyone else.

1. Comparing yourself with other women makes you feel insecure.

When you compare yourself with other women, you focus on what you are embarrassed about. You think that you are not good enough, you do not get approval from others and you are not confident in yourself. This opinion is only strengthened after re-looking at others, to determine how everything should happen in your life.

You discover that you are immersed in this negative energy and transmitting to others. To feel better, you begin to point out the insecurity of other people. This brings a certain satisfaction, because it allows you to see that other women do not have all this along with you either.

However, it is unfair to other women to point out their insecurity just because we cannot accept our own. They can't do anything about it, so when you look at them, you see something that you want to change in yourself.

If you do not take active measures to stop comparing yourself with other women, then the vicious circle of mistreatment with each other in the name of trying to feel better will only get worse.

2. It causes jealousy and takes over you

Not very nice to be with someone who is jealous of you. You will find that your relationship with other women will begin to crumble if you continue to compare yourself with them.

Most women need girlfriends who will perceive their differences and will sincerely welcome their success. It is difficult to do when you constantly grieve, because you are not where you would like to be. You will find that envy brings you even more misery. If you take the time to be dissatisfied with the success of another woman, you also deprive her of happiness.

She no longer wants to share her achievements with you. People do not want to be made to feel like a bad person because they just wanted to share good news. Being a jealous woman also stresses a lack of self-confidence. You may know that you are not the most confident person and work on it in your own way. However, as soon as other women begin to realize this, it only aggravates the situation. Now you have given them the opportunity to remind you of their shortcomings, which you have already scolded yourself about.

3. It will make it impossible for you to be pleased.

Roosevelt once said: "Comparison is a thief of joy." Better to say no.

Comparing yourself with others, you choose to be unhappy. You say: "Forget about all my successes, they do not matter, as they are not as great as others." It is not a way to live happily. A friend will always be “better” than you, so you will always want more. You go crazy trying to get something that simply cannot be meant for you.

If you continue to compare yourself, you lose control of your life and your ability to change your circumstances. The more you tell yourself what you are missing, the greater the likelihood that this will become your reality.

Focus on the other. Although you may not be exactly what you want in life, be proud of how far you have come. This will only add to your happiness and allow you to concentrate less on other people and do more to achieve your own goals. As a result, you will be satisfied with yourself and all your decisions.

When you begin to compare yourself with other women, stop to ask yourself why you are doing this. This will benefit you in the long run. You will save yourself from pain when you begin not only to realize, but also to understand that comparing yourself with other women will only harm you. You can only be yourself, and there is nothing wrong with that.