The pros and cons of men of different signs of the zodiac


Fortunately, with Aries, you will never be bored, because they, like no one, simply adore having fun, symbolizing liveliness and inspiration. On the other hand, they tend to stick to their own rules and can sometimes be selfish and domineering.


The good news is that Tauruses are loyal workaholics who will tend to return home every night after work at the same time. They are reliable, decent men on whom you can always rely.

However, it is not surprising that they, like many, know how to enjoy the little joys of life. On the other hand, they are counting on the fact that you will be as loyal and reliable, therefore, free-spirited people should not respond to their offer. In other words, they can be a bit boring.


These men were born with the gift of eloquence, which at the same time is a good moment for them, and not a very good one. They are excellent conversationalists, interesting and intelligent. However, they almost never fall silent, so they can often have difficulty listening to their interlocutor. They love variety and can really fear commitment.


Everyone loves big teddy bears, and representatives of this zodiac sign literally personify care! They are affectionate, with special trepidation and love treat their mothers (at least in most cases, because some of them just hate their mothers), but besides that they also understand your feelings. Speaking of shortcomings, it is worth noting that they have high expectations and want their fiancee to be like their mother. However, they may even be more sullen than you were during your critical days.

a lion

With Lions do not get bored! They are wonderful showmen, bright and energetic, the soul of literally any company and a real explosion!

However, they can stand in a pose and pout or become insanely hot-tempered and truly vain when they are no longer in the spotlight. Get two mirrors in the bathroom if you plan to link your life with Leo.


If you like organization, especially in monetary matters, then a man-Virgo will definitely suit you perfectly. He is dedicated, organized and really stands firmly on the ground.

However, he may become a bit obsessive about his organizational skills and surrender to the power of the daily routine. He is incredibly selective; besides, sometimes he can be sorely lacking in self-confidence. However, he compensates for this by careful attention to his health and excellent intelligence.


They are friendly, pleasant in communication, romantic and sweet, not only in relation to you, but also to everyone whom they meet daily on their way.

On the other hand, Libra often can not decide, while being avid players. Be prepared for fierce fights with other women, because even if they cannot be called undoubted traitors, you must always be prepared for the fact that they are able to charm everyone around.


Scorpios are loyal, truly passionate, straightforward and determined men. They are also just beautiful in bed, but you probably already know this without us. As for the minuses, they always have their hidden interests, and they can also perfectly keep secrets. Their words pierce like a knife.


They are always ready for adventure, as they are born travelers in the world. Sagittarius - smart men, whose life is always filled with a variety of events. Unfortunately, sometimes they do not succeed at all in succeeding in everything, because they simply hate to give up in disputes. They can build from themselves know-it-all, because of what you have the right to consider them tactless.


They are real workaholics and are always focused on success, which ensures them the status of real earners in the family. They are also very faithful, strong-willed and independent. However, they can be incredibly stubborn, sometimes controlling and a little emotionally detached, so be careful with them.


They are young in their hearts and always ready to lead a great time (both in bed and outside). They are very extraordinary men who are always in search of something special in life. Of the minuses: they are not so dependent, and sometimes they can be real rebels. They love to turn any situation upside down for fun.


Fishes are cute, ideal listeners, romantic and passionate. They give their hearts and open their souls. However, this is not always good, since in such cases they can easily be used for their own benefit. They are also able to become unbearably hot or cold in the blink of an eye, so you can never be sure about what particular Pisces will meet on any given day.