How does he behave when he is really interested in you according to his zodiac sign



Aries are unlikely to want to see you surrounded by other men, if they are really interested in you. They will strive with you to retire with all their might. Pay attention to his touch, as they are also an indicator of his interest. If you absolutely did not like Aries, they will not be shy to show their character and competitive attitude towards you.


Touches usually play a huge role for Tauruses. If they are flirting with you, they are trying to accidentally touch you in order to test the ground. Taurus is usually romantic and stable because of its nature. Therefore, if you are not interested in them, they will most likely cancel the scheduled meeting and will treat you like a friend, not a romantic partner.


If you like Gemini, they will doubt to the last whether to tell you about it or not. In this case, Gemini can express their affection, not to mention their interest. If they say they like to spend time with you or to talk on different topics, then you are definitely not indifferent to them. Gemini is sometimes extremely difficult to determine whether they like you or not, so any manifestation that is not typical of them should be the most obvious sign for you.


Cancers often feel insecure, so flirting for them is associated with criticism that you must refute. In addition, Cancers are directly dependent on their mood, which often is not the best. If they do not hide their feelings, it means they are interested in you.

a lion

Lions are easily attached to people, so if they constantly make plans with you and want to spend time with you, they definitely like you. Despite their arrogant nature, they flirt, as a rule, quite openly because of their incredible self-confidence. If the Lions are not interested in you, they will not even try to spend time with you.


Virgos are practical by nature and prefer work to any kind of entertainment, so if they play the fool with you, most likely they like you very much. In addition, they are trying to give you enough compliments, noting your intelligence and skills. If you are not interested in Virgos, they will spend more time at work and do something useful, rather than spend it on you.


Scales are incredibly sociable, so the fact that they spend a lot of time with you does not mean that you are interested in them. If they are trying to retire with you, consider that Libra is interested in you. Flirting for them comes down to simple things like touch. If Libra does not consider you as partners, they will never be alone with you.


If the Scorpions are interested in you, they will actively seek out eye contact with you, intently looking at you and smiling every time you pay attention to it. If you are not interested in Scorpios, they will indicate with their whole appearance that girls who are completely unlike you can draw their attention to themselves.


Sagittarius value their freedom and do not recognize obsessive people, so it is incredibly difficult to determine whether they are flirting or not. And yet his desire to spend time with you should be the most obvious sign for you. In the end, Sagittarius simply confesses his feelings to you. If you are not interested in him, you can not even count on a joint pastime.


Capricorns' desire to create a family means that they will not explain a hundred times to you that you are not suitable for them. If they allow themselves to treat you condescendingly, then they are definitely interested in you. If you are not interested in Capricorn, they will constantly arrange for you to test for strength. Thanks to their practicality, they always state their feelings directly.


Aquarius, as a rule, try to avoid emotional manifestations, so they are not always sure how they really treat you. At the same time, flirting in their understanding is often expressed in intellectual, serious conversations alone on a variety of topics, when Aquarius prefer to listen to you more than to speak for themselves.


In the case of Pisces, it is not always clear whether they are flirting with you or not. Sometimes you may mistake their friendliness as a manifestation of feelings. All Pisces have a fairly good intuition, so they can always say with accuracy how you feel about them. A little flirting on your part does not hurt.