Rating of the most difficult in love zodiac signs


Virgo is probably considered the most self-sufficient sign of the zodiac. She also approaches most relationships with an analytical and near-management position. Even if it is not intentional, the majority of people at the level of an outstretched hand hold the Virgo on the machine until they are convinced that they can trust them. In addition, they are not the easiest people to love. In order for the Virgos to fall in love with someone, they need to weaken their defenses and open up, which is not at all consistent with their nature. But once they do it, they turn into wonderful partners, but they may need some time for this.


Scorpios never know what they want. They are torn between hot and cold, like crazy, because of what it becomes really difficult to understand and, in consequence, just to be with them. Scorpions can be incredibly exhausting partners, which is why they often jump from one relationship to another. In truth, until Scorpio matures from an emotional point of view, he will simply not be ready for a serious relationship.


No zodiac sign more whimsical and impulsive than Sagittarius. In a sense, this makes them very interesting partners, which means that the one with whom they will meet will never be bored. But on the other hand, they are almost impossible to force to settle down. They are constantly pursuing something new: new adventures, new adrenaline rush. They are ill able to remain just motionless, just to exist, which does not contribute much to the emergence of a relationship. Sagittarius will feel satisfied only when he finds someone who, instead of constantly chasing him, will move next to him.


Aquarius - naturally discreet, closed people. They are not inclined to open up and let people into their own world, this is not at all characteristic of them. Therefore, it is practically impossible to understand Aquarius, who keep a distance between themselves and other people. Aquarius needs a person whom they can truly trust and with whom they will be comfortable to show their vulnerability in order to encourage them to take risks and fall in love.


Capricorns - a reflection of practicality, efficiency and hard work. This simultaneously makes them incredibly reliable and characterizes them as excellent colleagues. It can also mean that they approach every relationship from a business perspective. No partner will want to feel as if he was rated according to the pros and cons list. Capricorns should learn to trust their heart as well as they trust their minds in order to find true, lasting love.


Twins are famous for their indecisive and overly emotional reputation. Albeit with some exceptions, this is true, which can make communicating with them extremely tiring, but it is also a sign that they love with all their hearts and completely surrender to their feelings. When the Twins love, they go for everything. They do not hide anything at all and give all of themselves to their partners. Being so loved can be a bit intimidating, but for its degree of vulnerability Gemini is certainly worthy of great praise.

a lion

There is no other sign of the zodiac that would be as energetic and charming as Leo. Lions are incredibly independent and self-confident. Therefore, it is very important for everyone who will be in a relationship with the Lions, to understand that they will never need you. But they represent such a magic sign that it is simply impossible not to show sympathy towards them. Lions make everything more inspiring and exciting, so it’s not surprising that everyone loves them.


Active, inspirational and passionate Aries will make their partner the center of their world. They prioritize their partners and do everything in their power to be everything to them. Their main fan, an accomplice, a shoulder that you can rely on. Aries are trying to be the perfect people for any person with whom they are in a relationship. Who will say no to this kind of love?


There is no other sign that would be more faithful and unshakable than Taurus. When Taurus loves someone, it's a long time. They are completely devoted to the person they love. Taurus leaves nothing to the imagination, with it nothing is hidden in the field of obscurity. All the cards are on the table, and you always have a clear notion of where you are. This level of loyalty and devotion is so rare that it is very difficult to find, so if you finally succeed, try not to let this person go.


Satisfaction and happiness are all Libra wants for everyone around. This applies to almost all people on Earth, but especially to those with whom they are in love. Scales turn inside out to be sure that their partner is doing well. They will do everything to make their loved one happy. It is so easy to fall in love with them, because they will show you such love that cannot be achieved from one other person, which is why they serve as an example for many to follow.


Pisces seems to be endowed with the biggest, loving heart of all the signs of the zodiac. They all live on a very deep level, they are living emotions, and they have no problems expressing what they want and what they need from those they love. In Pisces, everything is always at stake, and nothing remains unsaid. They will go through fire and water for the sake of the one they love. Such love happens only once in a lifetime.


Crayfish are the most important educators, the most responsible guardians, and most of all tend to love unconditionally. They are forgiving and extremely patient. You can always count on the representatives of this zodiac sign, day or night, regardless of anything. Cancer represents the perfect example of how love should look and how we should all love each other.