The wardrobe of the true fashionista: the top 7 accessories that everyone should have

Delicate taste and an exceptionally sense of style can be determined by trifles, for example, by accessories. Pay attention to your own, perhaps some of the bottom is not in fashion for a long time or just in an unsuitable condition for use. Get rid of sunglasses with a scratched frame, a worn scarf, making room for new things that will not be a shame to wear.

Miniature wallet

If you still use cash and accordingly need a wallet, make a choice in favor of a very small instance. It will fit in almost any handbag and clutch, without overloading it with its weight. Choose one of the neutral colors so that the wallet doesn’t attract too much attention and bother you too quickly. Look at the pale pink version with a zipper, thanks to his sweet look, he will cheer you up every time you take it out of your purse.
Mango wallet, 599 rubles;

Minimalistic scarf

In the spring, of course, I want rich colors, but also freshness in the image. That is why get a simple minimalist scarf, preferably white and cream. It will be well combined with a bright coat or a gentle dress.
Scarf H & M, 799 rub .;

Stylish portable battery

In modern reality, girls must constantly be in touch in order to know the situation not only at work and in the world, but also in the fashionable sphere. Unfortunately, charging the battery does not long withstand the constant use of social networks and search engines. To solve this problem, purchase a portable power supply, but take care of its appearance.
H & M portable battery

Round handbag

A handbag should be in each case and for any image, but in order not to go broke, take a look at universal models. Well suited for this role round bag cross body. Firstly, this form is one of the most trending this spring, and secondly, black is combined with completely different images and shades. This accessory will be accurately noticed by others, and you will surely be asked more than once where you purchased it.
Stradivarius bag,

Straw hat

Many forget that one of the most important accessories that a girl should have is a hat. Sometimes it is worth re-measuring dozens of models and styles in order to find that very tablet-cap, take it, or a cap. But there are models that suit everyone. Among them are classic black with straight fields. Thanks to this accessory, you can radically change a boring bow. Try to wear such a hat with your favorite pants, a simple shirt and boots or a minimalistic dress and platform shoes.
H & M Straw Hat, 899 rubles;