8 secrets of style from Brigitte Bardot

The icon of style and sex symbol, French actress Brigitte Bardot, set the direction in the fashion movement in the 1960–70s. She was famous for her love for bikinis in combination with wide hats, button-down jumpsuits and shockingly short dresses of a simple cut.

Decades have passed since then, but women around the world are still trying to be like her. They copy those trends, the founder of which became Brigitte at the peak of her fame. The style of clothes of the famous actress (from breathtaking bikinis to jackets with deflated shoulders and bare shoulders) has a great influence on modern fashion.

Accept the fact that sometimes the most attractive outfits look extremely simple.

Bardo never dressed with fanfare and show off, such as Elizabeth Taylor and Marlene Dietrich. Her physical attractiveness was based not only on deep cleavage and skirts shorter than usual. French style icon knows how to look attractive, whether in jeans and a T-shirt or in a skirt suit, which completely hides the body under itself.

Believe in the attractive power of clothing with sleeves deflated.

Brigitte Bardot herself, single-handedly styled sweaters with bare shoulders. She wore them with a variety of things, from fluffy skirts of medium length to cropped trousers. Sweatshirts of this cut not only look very feminine, but they are suitable for any type of figure.

Have a pair of ballet shoes in your wardrobe (every woman really needs them)

If someone needs to be rewarded for popularizing ballet shoes, it's Brigitte Bardot. The actress has always been a fan of the French shoe brand Repetto. She even had time to cooperate with the company in 1956, when she asked to develop for her a model of shoes, exactly like real ballet flats intended for dancers. That is how the Cinderella style was born. Bardo even starred in his ballet shoes in a film called "And God Made a Woman." Not surprisingly, after half a century, other women who are so similar to Brigitte Bardot — Kate Moss and Miranda Kerr — love this style of shoes no less.

Find your look and hairstyle and always stick to it.

Brigitte Bardot in the 60s and 70s had a very bright and expressive appearance, which later provided her with the status of an icon of style. As for the makeup, she preferred to make out the eyes with black mascara and eyeliner in the form of cat eyes, and nothing more. She usually wore her hair loose, giving it volume and laying it with slightly sloppy strands, in addition with a black bandage over her head.

If in doubt, what can complement the image, then wear a hat

Brigitte Bardot knows that a good hat can decorate any clothing, from a bathing suit to a business one. Her favorite hat with wide curved brims, which she wore literally everywhere, was her signature technique, which allowed to give elegance to any dress.

Get a charming cocktail dress that will emphasize the dignity of your figure.

When Bardo does dress with pathos, it is usually a dress that emphasizes her flawless figure. Do the same as Bardo: get a dress for yourself in which you will shine. It seems to us that the Bardo motto was that it is not the clothes that paint the person, but the person who clothes.

Live all summer in a bathing suit

Preserved many photos of Bardo in a bikini. As soon as summer comes, you can also imitate the image of the actress. And remember: the most important accessory of Bardo in a bikini is her self-confidence.

And most importantly: the style with taste will always look good

When we look at Brigitte Bardot’s photographs from the 60s and 70s, we are most struck by how relevant her images are a decade later. This is a good reminder to us that we stay away from trends and stick to our individual style - only he is able to withstand the test of time.