5 unexpected tricks with which you will sleep soundly, like a baby

You have heard it a million times: our society is deprived of sleep. You are deprived of sleep. You need to avoid bad sleep habits, otherwise your mental and physical health will deteriorate.

If you are not sleeping enough, you will not think correctly, your relationship will suffer and you will put yourself at risk for serious chronic diseases, accidental injuries and depression.

But most of us still do little to correct the problem, even though this is one of the easiest steps to self-improvement that you can take. It just makes sense to correct your sleep habits. A good dream will improve your ability to learn and memorize. Sleep helps many body systems work more efficiently, reducing the risk of obesity, diabetes and other chronic diseases. It is easier and safer to change your behavior than to resort to prescribed medications for sleep problems.

Experts explain that there are paradoxical interventions to overcome insomnia. If you tell yourself intentionally not to fall asleep that you have to be awake at all costs, your eyelids will be able to quickly sink. Experts warn that you can not take all sorts of gadgets to bed with you, watch nightly TV shows or movies. It simply does not contribute to a calm state of mind, which is necessary to fall asleep.

But there are also necessary things to improve sleep. Here are helpful tips on how to maximize sleep time.

Complete a sleep diary

Recording your sleep, as well as your bedtime behavior, will help you determine what causes you problems. You will also see a connection between your level of vigilance during the day and the amount of sleep you get every night.

Follow the rules of sleep

Try not to use your bedroom as a place to do anything other than sleep (including sex). The biggest mistake people make is to use their beds for work. Experts even recommend wearing the right clothes for sleeping: your pajamas can really help you sleep better at night.

If necessary, use the "restrictions for sleep"

This is a little radical, but to sleep better at night, it can help you fall asleep. In the end, you can retrain yourself to get a constant, deep sleep every night, if you force yourself to get tired of changing sleep patterns.

Study your assumptions about sleep

People often sleep badly because they have obsessive thoughts about how much they will suffer if they don’t sleep. They also tend to increase the scale of their problems, especially when they observe how the minutes or hours pass while they turn and fidget in bed. As in many areas of psychology, if you bother with thoughts, you can solve some of your behavioral difficulties.

If necessary, consult a doctor. Your sleep problems may have a physiological basis that the doctor can diagnose and cure. But keep in mind that some sleep medications can have counterproductive side effects.