7 wacky female habits that really enrage men

We all want to meet a great man, but there are certain unpleasant things that we tend to do in a relationship. These annoying habits and behavior do not characterize us in reality, but for some reason we are stubbornly faithful to them.

These are the things you do, and then you torture yourself with the question “why did I do this?” Sometimes it seems that you are out of your body, helplessly watching how you see yourself doing strange things and wanting you to stop . The good news is that you can really stop. And the awareness of these forms of behavior is the first step to their elimination.

Not sure how to start? Here are seven things that drive men crazy not in the good sense of the word.

1. Justification for compliments

If he says that you are beautiful, do not answer him, saying that you did not take a shower today, or you do not have makeup, or you have PMS. Maybe he really loves you in reading glasses when your not quite fresh hair is pulled into a ponytail. If he did not notice this, why should he say that? Just accept the compliment.

2. Never offer to pay at the beginning of a relationship

Anyone who is worth dating will still pay for you, but at least ask to see the check from time to time. Just don't make the obvious attempt to get a quick wallet out of your bag. But if you have been dating for a long time, from time to time you can pay for dessert or movie tickets. Make sure he feels like your man, not a personal ATM.

3. Constantly complain about people you dislike.

Do you know that the girl you hate is following you on Instagram? Is she the one who, in a yoga lesson, always puts her mat in front of you and poses beautifully with her fifth point? No, your man does not want to see her last post annoying you. He is tired of hearing how you speak about her every night. Men do not participate in such dramas, so they are annoyed by such conversations. It also makes them wonder if you complain about it to your friends.

4. Deliberately trying to make him jealous.

When you get annoyed at your man and flirt with someone else at a party, all the time looking out of the corner of your eye to see if he notices, be sure - he notices. But if you hope to stir up his jealousy and make him realize how much he loves and does not want to lose you, the bad news is: you actually do the opposite. Men notice such manipulative behavior that they don’t like at all.

5. Evaluate your social networking relationships.

Looking at the relationships of other people through the prism of social networks and comparing your real relationship with their filtered photos is the recipe for suffering. If you constantly take pictures with your chosen one and mark him in posts, trying to look like a perfect couple, or are nervous because you do not reach idyll in relationships as quickly as your friends on Facebook, you can soon change your status from “in relationship "To" free.

6. Make him feel guilty for other interests.

Contrary to what some people might think, it is absolutely useful for men to keep their interests and to do things separately from their girls on a fairly regular basis. Trying to blame your man for a weekly visit to the bar with his friends or anger, because he wants to watch baseball instead of hanging out with you for the third night in a row, is guaranteed to piss him off and push him away from you.

7. You are not honest

We all did it. When we are upset about something, but we do not want to tell him about it (he should know!), We answer: “Nothing, I'm fine” to an innocent question: “What happened?”. This is what men hate the most. Just tell him what's wrong. If you throw this stupid phrase, then do not get angry when he shrugs and leaves. You have been warned.