How to fall asleep with wet hair so that you look gorgeous in the morning

A warm bath before bedtime is what you need to quickly fall asleep and have a good rest. But I don’t really want to do my hair in such a relaxed state. But if you go to bed with wet hair and do nothing with it, in the morning you will wake up with a terrible hairstyle. In addition, the hair may suffer. What can be done so that in the morning your styling will delight you?

Dry your hair and properly position it on the pillow

This method is suitable for those who prefer smooth, neat strands. First of all, the hair should be at least a little dry with the help of a hair dryer tuned to cold air, and use the tool for smoothness. If you are going to sleep, put your heads on the pillow and gently distribute the strands, pulling them down from the pillow. Try not to move at least for a while to dry the strands.

Tie your hair in a spiral rubber to get soft waves.

To do this you need a soft elastic in the form of a spiral. Wet hair should be treated with a softening balm and collect them in a neat bunch on the back of the head. To prevent damage to the hair, tie one strand into a bun, and wind the rest of it carefully.

Make braids to get corrugated strands.

Corrugated strands are back in fashion together with other trends from the 80s, so now is the time to do simple and stylish styling. All you need to do is braid pigtails for the night (the thinner the better). You wake up with excellent styling, which is only to fix hairspray. It is worth choosing means for average fixing that a lock was not too heavy.

Twist the strands with ribbons to get tight curls

This method of laying a little more troublesome, but it's worth it. Pre-apply hair styling on the hair, and wind each strand on the tape (just take a small piece of tape and twist the strand on it, then tie it). The thinner the strands are, the more resilient and smaller the curls will be.