8 blunders that kill his sympathy for you


You are afraid of loneliness

Want a relationship with a specific person and just want a relationship - two big differences. If you just need someone nearby to not be alone, you will never find a mate. After all, any person will immediately understand whether you really need it or you just do not want to spend the evenings alone.

If you already meet with someone who does not suit you, and do not leave, because you do not want to be alone, you should reconsider your behavior. First, so neither you nor your partner will ever be happy. Secondly, you are missing precious time that you could spend on yourself and search for that same person.

Do you think that the relationship will immediately make you happy

You should not believe the myth that only it is necessary to find a man, life will sparkle with new colors. This will not happen.

Relationships are not a panacea for all diseases, it’s part of life with its own difficulties and problems. No man will make you happy until you learn to be happy alone. In addition, love most often comes to self-sufficient people who are satisfied with their lives.

You are obsessed with creating a family

The desire to start a family and children is quite understandable and normal. However, nothing will work out for you if only the fact of having a family is important to you.
Creating a family requires a strong relationship and a partner who is ready for such a serious step. And this requires a lot of time.

Look for a man who really love, and not who will be ready to get twins and a cat already on the third date. It is important that you like a man, and you like him. This is the foundation of future family relationships.

You are too independent

Being an independent modern woman is great. But do not overdo it with independence. If you refuse to help and in every possible way demonstrate that you can and can do everything yourself, no man will want to deal with you. Show him your weakness, let me protect you.

You are not interested in anything but relationships

Of course, love is an important part of the life of any person. And, having found our other half, we want to dissolve in the relationship and forget about everything. Here we make a terrible mistake.

You can not live only for the sake of relationships, because when they end, you will have nothing left. Do not forget about your interests, friends, career. This is also what it is worth living for. Moreover, a man, unwittingly becoming the center of your world, may simply be afraid of such responsibility and leave. So remember that you are a versatile woman, and love adventures are only part of your incredibly interesting life.

You are biased towards men

Negative experience in dealing with men can adversely affect all your future relationships. Yes, you may have been offended, hurt, but this is not a reason to put an end to all men of this planet.

Remember that all people are different: there are bad people, but there are also great understanding individuals. Do not close yourself from men, because you can miss your happiness. Just be a little more careful.

You are too intrusive

It is very difficult to sit back and wait for him to write or call. But get together and be patient, if this is your man, he will contact you.

Do not be intrusive, it can scare. Take a pause, do not rush to immediately respond to his messages. If he does not make contact, forget about him and move on. Why do you spend time on a person who is not very interested in you?

You are afraid of commitment

Serious relationships always lead to a range of obligations that you must comply with. This can not be scary, especially if you have already had a traumatic experience. Quite possibly, you really want your current novel to turn into something serious.

But your subconscious mind can tell you to avoid any obligations and responsibilities towards others. And, with the beginning of something really serious, you begin to move away from your partner.

You can cope with this by overcoming fear. Trust your partner and do not run from him. Who knows where this relationship will lead you.