Errors in the wardrobe that make the style of Russian woman tasteless

The concept of style in the modern world is limited to global trends. A wave of fashion reaches Russian women, undoubtedly, with a delay. Ladies are trying to copy the images of foreign women from social networks or magazines, that goes with them quite well. However, there are aspects, making which almost every Russian woman will not look stylish and stupid in the eyes of others.

Combine everything at once

Every woman, despite her age, position and status is trying to attract the attention of others. Most often, the ladies choose an option that is not quite acceptable for this: to dress in all the most attractive eyes and to behave too openly. More often it is inherent to women from the province. The main thing to remember: beauty in simplicity.

Do not part with old clothes

Surely each of you has an evening dress, blouse or skirt hidden in the closet, which is already waiting to be released a lot of days. And every time you convince yourself that a special moment will come sometime and the thing will go into battle. But now, how many evenings and walks pass without it. Reluctance to say goodbye to old clothes prohibits a woman to update her wardrobe. And you start to feel insecure. Basic advice: more often look at your wardrobe and do not be afraid of change.

Imitate the stars

In the world of modern technology and the Internet you need to be careful with the selection and acceptance of information. One of the distinguishing features of Russian women is mindlessly copying the images and little things seen in magazines, social networks or fashion blogs. Formally, you create for yourself a far-fetched image of similarity with Internet beauties, but people around you can perceive everything in a completely different way. Be sure to listen to yourself and pick the bow that is right for you!

Dress not on budget

In pursuit of new-fashioned models of clothing and accessories, Russian women often stop paying attention to their budget. She can buy herself an expensive handbag from GUCCI, but then walk in her old coat for half a year. And even this bag will not make a woman stylish, if the rest of the things on her are of poor quality. In all you need to know the measure and be able to combine the incompatible.

Wear unsightly clothes at home

For contemporary Russian women, it has long been the understanding that it is worth trying over one's style and manner only to attend any events. But when a woman is at home, she does not consider it necessary to take care of herself at all. She can wear an old bathrobe and do household chores because she is so comfortable. However, things are not so simple. In doing so, a woman loses confidence in herself. To prevent this from happening, you should always dress as you will like yourself.