When a woman utters these 3 phrases, a man can no longer tear her away.

If you are completely open and sociable person, it can be difficult when your man, on the contrary, is too closed in himself and silent. How to make him open up and talk to you heart to heart? Psychologists are advised to simply start a conversation with specific phrases that you can tell the guy to help him feel comfortable and tune in to frank communication.

"Lets go for a walk"

A walk is an ideal way to be together, leaving all unnecessary thoughts and distractions at home. A leisurely walk will allow you to feel each other. Minimal eye contact while walking (compared to, say, having a face to face with one evening) removes the extra tension and pressure from a partner and allows him to share his thoughts and experiences.

“It must have been terrible! What happened next? ”

When your other half tells you how, for example, the boss yelled at him at work or that he quarreled with his sister, try to put yourself in his place and show how you empathize with him. Even if you do not agree with how he solved this or that problem, do not tell him about it at this moment. Judging and digging into who is guilty and who is right will immediately force him to withdraw into himself and discard any possibility of frank conversation with you. Remember that at such moments he needs support, and you can say your point of view later in a more suitable setting.

"The other day, when you said that you feel depressed, what did you mean?"

Show your man that you are very attentive to everything he says, especially when it comes to his feelings and emotions. Ask precisely about emotions - sadness, anxiety - which he recently expressed, and ask how things are going. If a man once said that he feels, then he is ready for further discussion about it.

Do not forget to ask him about any specific things that he mentioned. For example, you can ask "how was the meeting today?". Any such question will be an indicator that you have paid attention to what he cares, despite the fact that you have your own business and problems. Believe me, this is of great importance and will force him to talk with you more willingly and more often.