7 signs of a woman who will soon divorce

Signs of a man who was about to leave the family, divorce and exchange a wife for his mistress, we all know for a long time. But how can you tell by a woman that the cup of her patience is full, and she seriously thinks about divorce?

1. She spends a lot of time alone

Usually this is an obvious call to the fact that a woman needs to deal with herself, with her feelings and come to a serious conclusion. Usually, such a decision requires a lot of time, effort and decisiveness, so it is privacy that helps to look at the situation as impartially as possible and assess the scale of the disaster.

2. She is cold and suspended from her husband.

Another significant sign is coldness towards the husband, which can sometimes go as far as ignoring. Her spouse becomes so unpleasant that a woman avoids joint pastime and intimacy in all sorts of ways.

3. She is often sad

Like it or not, but for a woman divorce is always a much greater shock than for a man, even if the initiator was herself. Therefore, such emotions as longing, sadness, regret for the past and tears are natural and normal for making such a difficult decision.

4. She seeks comfort from her friends.

For women, it is very important to be able to vent their own emotions. For the listener, friends or close relatives are often chosen. It is not necessary to get some kind of reaction in response, the main thing is just to share what is happening in the soul.

5. She aims to spend as much time as possible outside the home.

Because at home, almost every thing and angle are reminiscent of past happy times. Psychologically, it is very difficult to be in places that are thrown into the past, so it is much easier to spend more time away from home to drive hard thoughts away.

6. It changes appearance

The way that helps to leave the past in the past is to change your hairstyle, update your wardrobe or style of clothes. This is a kind of opportunity to move on and look to the future. New me - new life.

7. She finds a new hobby or hobby.

Hobbies are the best way to keep yourself engaged, to get away from obsessive thoughts and current problems, and to direct your energy in the right direction. It’s not for nothing that many women who decide to divorce start their own business, get a new job or earn a promotion with an old one. All of this is the restructuring of oneself and one’s inner “I.”