You will also have these 5 problems if you don’t release the smartphone

Modern life dictates a completely crazy rhythm of life. We do not always have enough strength for proper rest, and even in those rare moments when we are finally free from work, the smartphone is still in your hands. Meanwhile, this device is not as harmless as it seems, and may even affect your well-being and effectiveness.

Smartphone knocks you to sleep

In the evening you put it under the pillow, because you set the alarm. At night, a message comes to you, and you cannot resist the temptation to not read it immediately, and then you cannot fall asleep for a long time. And when you wake up, first of all take the smartphone in your hands to view the tape on social networks and check your mail, as a result of which you are often late for work.

Smartphone leads to distraction

Constant vibration and alerts on the phone make you think about what messages are constantly coming to you, who is writing to you, if there is anything interesting or important. Needless to say, to concentrate on work and affairs in such a situation is not only very difficult, but also almost impossible?

Smartphone is addictive

On the one hand, it gives a lot of advantages: to order a taxi, you need to press a button, if you get lost in the city, your smartphone will tell you how to find the way. It will also help determine which song is playing on the radio in a store, where the cheapest and tasty pizza is and which films are going to the cinema today. All this is beautiful, but without it you feel incredibly helpless. But he may simply sit down the battery.

Smartphone rips you out of reality

Separation from reality, which causes a smartphone, leads to mental and neurological disorders, most often - to depression. Chat rooms, social networks, round-the-clock dialogues with virtual interlocutors force you to distance yourself from real-life problems that pile up like a snowball.

Smartphone causes constant nervous tension

Count how many times a day you check messages on your smartphone and view the tape - what if something new appeared in these 5 minutes? At least during work and leisure, take your smartphone away and do not take it in your hands - and you will definitely feel the ease and satisfaction with your own life!