If you have one of these 5 hairstyles, then you are definitely happy

When a woman wants to start a new life, the first thing she does is change her hairstyle. Most often, the hairstyle corresponds not only to style and image, but also to mood and even emotional state. What hairstyles do happy women wear and why?

Casual haircuts

@ lorealhair Happy women are confident and beautiful, no matter how they look. Relaxation and negligence is a frequent choice of those who are fully satisfied with their lives. Girls who choose an elegant French style live in complete harmony with themselves.

Unusual hairstyles and creative haircuts

@ lorealhairIf a woman is ready to draw attention to herself and go beyond, it speaks much more clearly about her self-sufficiency. She either has no complexes, or she is trying to get rid of them (and work on herself is already a step towards solving the problem). She does not intend to hide her mood and emotional state, and transmits it to others without fear.

Luxury curls

@ lorealhair A woman wants to be beautiful, wants to be liked - and this does not at all indicate the presence of complexes or the desire to find a man at any price. Most likely, she does all this for her own sake and sincerely enjoys her life. She likes to attract attention and catch admiring glances directed at her.

Surely she has a beloved man who really wants to like it, it is in a happy relationship that a woman really blossoms and becomes interesting and attractive.

Sloppy bunch

@ lorealhairU a happy woman sometimes doesn’t have time to practice her hair, and she simply ties the strands into a sloppy bundle. It looks no worse than an exquisite hairstyle, and a smile on your face will be the main decoration of the image!

Disheveled spit

@ lorealhairKosy is romantic and gentle. Having made this hairstyle, the girl immediately becomes more feminine and attractive. No man can resist! And in order to make such a hairstyle, you need to be in the right mood and feel happy and satisfied with life.