Learning to buy clothes without going into the fitting room: 5 important rules

You can sit on bread and water for half a year, saving on what you need to buy a branded item. But it will not decorate you if it does not sit properly on you. At the same time, inexpensive (but high-quality) clothing can look much better if you pick it up according to the characteristics of your body. What rules should be remembered?

Do not flatter yourself

If you have a curvaceous, then pick up clothes should be, in accordance with their characteristics. You can look gorgeous, stylish and elegant, but not if you wear crop-top and leopard leggings (it is generally better to refrain from this detail in the wardrobe). The same applies to controversial details in clothes and shoes - for example, large prints. And shoes with straps makes the leg thicker and shorter, so it is suitable only for slender ladies with thin legs.

Check the quality of things on the spot

The composition and quality of the material, the reliability of the seams and accessories, ease of opening the zippers - these factors determine how well the clothes fit, whether it will be comfortable to wear and how long it will retain its original appearance. All this is worth checking directly with the purchase.

Do not bother with trends

If you liked the metallic jacket or a transparent dress, which are listed among the trends, but you know that they look at you not at all like on models and bloggers who represent them, do not take them. You still will not look stylish if things do not go to you. It is better to carefully look in the mirror during the fitting and buy exactly what emphasizes your figure and looks good on you.

Do not buy things that you "butt"

There are a lot of optimists among our compatriots who are hoping for a “miracle diet” that will help them lose weight in the shortest possible time, and buy things that they are frankly small. Needless to say, this is a very bad idea? This is especially true for jeans and pants, if you can not stick two fingers into the belt of new jeans - do not buy them.

Pay attention to landing

For example, when choosing pants or dresses, women often look at the length of the trousers and sleeves. However, the length of the fix is ​​very simple - what can not be said about the landing, because in this case the product will have to be altered completely. If you try on a product, and it is ugly bristling around the chest, shoulders, in the groin area, it is better to postpone it.

It is also worth paying attention to how the product will look in the unbuttoned or buttoned form - when it comes to blazers and jackets.