15 most annoying trends in the interior, from which you need to forever give up


Trends in the design of home interior, as well as trends in fashion, follow each other with great speed. What may look extremely fashionable right now, after 10 years can make your home look outdated and even affect the resale value. So, we have collected 15 design trends for you, which you should immediately give up.

Open plan

The room without walls and doors, where the dining room, living room, bedroom is not partitioned from each other by a wall, was considered very fashionable. However, before you turn your apartment into one big room, think about how you plan to use this space. Think also about the obvious inconvenience: sometimes you will need to retire in your room so that guests or other family members will not interfere with your work or rest, and you will not have such an opportunity. However, open planning is not always convenient or appropriate.

Sliding compartment doors

As with any trend, coupe doors also have an expiration date. Even if you like the idea with a sliding door and you think this door is more convenient than the usual one, then install it in your room, but do not put such doors throughout the house. Otherwise, your home will sooner or later look outdated.

Retro furniture

Retro style, perhaps, never go out of style. However, be careful when choosing furniture in the style of the middle of the last century. Whether it will be a genuine retro thing or a completely new stylized furniture is the main thing, quality and expensive appearance. Otherwise you will miss the choice.

Granite countertops

Shutterstock In 2012, they were in almost every home. But now it is rather a moveton than a sign of costliness and grace. There are many other attractive options that are less expensive, more practical and, of course, more relevant. For example, marble, quartz or even high-quality concrete.

Chevron pattern

Whether on pillows, bedspreads, curtains or furniture - he has long been tired of everything! Instead of chevron, you can use geometric and tropical patterns. But do not get carried away with them too much - make it so that you can easily and cheaply change one pattern for another.

Volumetric letters

Such interior details are not the most fashionable thing. Huge three-dimensional letters that make up the word “Love”, for example, are more suitable for studios for photo shoots than for an ordinary apartment. In addition, they are not so cheap, especially if they have built-in lighting.

Wooden shelves on the walls

The fact is that they rarely fit any interior, except the interior of a rural house. So installing such a shelf in a modern living room is not the best solution. If you really like the look of wooden shelves, try putting it in your bedroom for your favorite books or cosmetics.

Painted brick

Shutterstock brick should be red, and when you paint it in any other color, you risk giving your interior a cheap look.

Motivational Graffiti

Like the giant letters in the interior, the inscriptions are rather out of place and banal than inspiring. If you still want to place any inscription in the interior, it is better to place it in a frame, which you can always remove and hide when the inscription is bothering you.

Worn parts

A deliberately aged blanket, a door with splinter paint and other furniture in the style of "worn chic" look fancy for someone, and for someone - as something outdated and ready to go to the dump. So do not risk and do not use such interior items for the design of the whole room. You can allow a couple of things in this style in your room.


By itself, minimalism is undoubtedly the current trend. Everyone knows: less is better. However, this does not mean that you should aim for bare walls and an empty room equipped with only one folding chair. You have to furnish your house with practicality, that is, if you need a closet to keep things you really need in it, do not give it up in pursuit of minimalism. In the end, you can't throw all your stuff out of the house for the sake of the trend?

White kitchen

Shutterstock Clean and modern or impractical and uncomfortable? Each person has his own opinion about the white kitchen. Anyway, in order for the white kitchen to look beautiful and well-groomed, be prepared for the fact that you have to make great efforts for this every week.

Open shelves instead of closed cabinets

Open shelves eliminate the habit of hiding unnecessary trash behind closed doors, and this is their advantage. However, open shelving in kitchens and bathrooms is simply not practical for most people.

Edison Retro Lamps

They, of course, can add zest to the interior, but you need to try hard so that they do not look ridiculous and inappropriate. If you like this unusual way of lighting the space, do not forget to adjust the rest of the interior to retro lamps.

Brass items

Remember the 90s, when every fashionable lamp was copper and shone like a jewel? So, these times have passed, and even the copper tap over the sink should be abandoned.