8 things in which you will look extremely seductive, but not vulgar


“In order to seduce a man, it is not necessary to be beautiful. Seduction is first and foremost a game. ” The famous quote Dita Von Teese. The art of seduction enjoyed by women since ancient times. You need to be able to emphasize your femininity with clothes, adjust the voice timbre, connect movements, unintentional touches ... The game has begun!

Soft dress

Soft and cozy dress, mango-colored, is associated with harmony and friendliness. Surrounding beckons your warm and welcoming mood. The dress gently emphasizes the sensual silhouette.
Dress Ligio,. Dress Ligio,.

Skirt with a slit

Always indelible impression of the gait of a woman, especially when she walks in a narrow elegant skirt with a slit. A high section in front is the most attractive for men, it is he who gives mysteriousness and sexuality to the female appearance.
Skirt LOST INK,. Skirt LOST INK,.

Lace dress

A dress of elegant length, with noble lace is always appropriate. Laces make a woman always seductive and feminine. Earlier, lace was made by hand. The presence of lace in the product was considered a sign of high social status and only very wealthy people could allow lace clothing. Today, lace products do not disappear from designer shows, and everyone can afford the finest luxury.
Dress Vila,. Dress Vila,.

Off-shoulder jumpsuit

In overalls, baring shoulders, you will look exhilarating and fragile. No wonder women's shoulders are sung in so much poetry and prose.
Dorothy Perkins romper,. Dorothy Perkins romper,.

Dizzy body

Lace bodysuit with a bare back - dizzy model. In it, you will feel seductive beauty from the films about James Bond. By the way, throw an elongated jacket on top - the image will be intriguing and will add space to the male imagination.
Body Only,. Body Only,.

Romantic bathrobe

Delicate air bathrobe for a tempting breakfast or late candlelit dinners. By the way, men adore women with a good appetite. Therefore, if you are hungry, do not mask your healthy appetite for lettuce leaves - be yourself.
Bathrobe home Defile,. Bathrobe home Defile,.

Seductive nightgown

In this nightgown you will feel relaxed and desirable. Shirt emphasizes the bends of the body and adjusts to the romantic mood. An interesting fact about male psychology: the woman who listens to them is an irresistible and sexy man. Well, men say - we visually respond.
Shirt night Oysho, Shirt night Oysho,