8 situations when a man unconsciously warns that he is lying

Men - very skillful masking and almost professional liars. Sometimes they are so skillfully deceiving and looking with such innocent eyes that it is simply impossible to catch them in insincerity. But, nevertheless, if you carefully observe and pay attention to the little things, you can bring a man to clean water and understand that he is lying.

1. He contradicts himself

Your partner has just said one thing, and after a while, he expressed a completely opposite point of view, contradicting himself. Most often this happens just when a man just starts to get confused in his own lies and does not remember what he lied about last time.

2. He dramatically changes the behavior

Knowing a person for a long time, you can predict well enough his reaction to various life situations or questions. If a man on any action on your part gives out behavior that is absolutely not peculiar to him - this is a sure sign that he is lying and on the move comes up with a truthful excuse.

3. He tries too hard to please you.

At the subconscious level, any person understands that a lie in relation to another is mean and ugly. Therefore, their "sins" have to somehow oil. Usually, men climb out of their skin to surround a woman with imaginary love, care and affection. All this is done with one goal - to reduce the level of one’s own guilt and calm one’s conscience.

4. He becomes nervous and irritable

This is especially manifested when you, gazing at something amiss, ask the man head-on if he really tells you the truth or ask leading questions. If your partner starts to get angry and reproach you that you do not trust him, most likely, he is really lying to you.

5. He has urgent business.

At the moment of a delicate conversation, when a man realizes that he is about to be brought to clean water, he suddenly and immediately has things that cannot be put off. In this way, he simply leaves the dialogue unpleasant for him, inventing important activities for himself.

6. He puts the responsibility on you

For example, in a serious conversation, when you are trying to figure out everything and put all the dots on, the man abruptly withdraws into himself, pulls away, becomes silent and just shifts all responsibility to you. You talk as if only with yourself, give him a thousand reasons, persuade and ask to go on a dialogue. Male closeness in this case is a kind of protection from the fact that his deceitful behavior will be exposed.

7. He misses the details.

Usually a lie is rarely thorough and planned to the smallest detail, usually it arises spontaneously. That is why a man who lies, telling something, misses a lot of details, setting out the essence of the incident only in general terms. If you start asking him, he can either get angry, or just negate the conversation.

8. Insincere emotions

A person who is lying is forced to play the role and put on an insincere mask. At the same time, all his feelings and emotions will not be real, artificial and made specially. In conversation, this is immediately noticeable - for example, an overwhelming surprise or too violent joy. The interlocutor, who is able to catch the mood of other people, will feel it immediately and expose the lie.