What are the various signs of the zodiac secretly afraid of?



Aries have a thirst for adventure, but at the same time tend to calm and inner harmony. Aries want the least to lead a dull and boring life, most of all you are afraid that the relationship will be short-lived, and that the ties can be easily broken. And if you are Aries, you are definitely afraid of parting.


Bulls are known for their hardness, reliability, earthiness and concentration. You have ideas about how you want to live your life. You do everything you can to stay on the chosen path. However, you can be terribly frightened if you suddenly find yourself outside your comfort zone. You fear inconsistencies as much as some people fear spiders.


Twins love to be in society, love to have fun and be creative. Since you live in order to be able to express yourself and create, most of all you are afraid of not being able to do what you love. And deep down you are afraid to make a mistake, because you are not sure that you are the best in everything.


You are an emotionally sensitive person, thanks to which you are endowed with tremendous capabilities for empathy and compassion for other people. It is understandable why your greatest fear is failure. You simply cannot bear the very thought that you can completely entrust your heart to someone, but not get a mutual answer to it.

a lion

You appear before the whole world as a very confident and strong person, and you really are. But if you dig deep into yourself, you will realize that you are afraid of being underestimated and unnoticed.


You are one of those people who always appear when they say they should be expected. You handle everything in an orderly and efficient manner. Your main fear is confusion, as well as situations in which you are not listened to and do not want to be heard. From the chaos you just warps.


Scales for peace, love and understanding. You can not tolerate conflicts and quarrels, so try to do everything in order to maintain harmony around and be sure that others are happy. You are terribly afraid of causing people suffering and watching someone unhappy as a result of your actions.


It doesn’t matter what tests life throws at you, you are distinguished by your ability to overcome all difficulties and radically change your life in the process. Despite all your passion, you are desperately guarding your emotions. You are afraid of failure, but even more you are afraid that people will recognize your deepest feelings and that which makes you feel insecure and unprotected.


You are free, like a bird, creative and endowed with simply inexhaustible energy. Your life can be an exciting journey, which you will never be enough. You are afraid of control by another person and not be able to live as you wish.


It is unlikely that anyone else can boast of such a mastery of turning a dream into reality except Capricorn. You are ambitious, motivated and focused on solving the tasks that you set for yourself. Behind all this bravado lurks the fear that you are not good enough and that no one understands your views.


Aquarians are able to cope well with tense situations, because they can remain calm themselves and help other people to find a sense of peace when it is so necessary for them. Aquarians are afraid of being excluded from the lives of their loved ones, afraid of not being around when close people need them the most.


Pisces are incredibly creative and sensitive. You do not enjoy the criticism, but you really fear only confrontations. Nothing gives you goosebumps like the fear that you might be challenged in something.