4 ways to preserve your dignity: what to do if the husband raises his hand to his wife


Family is created in order to bring joy. When a husband beats his wife, and his wife hates her husband - this is not a normal variant. Unfortunately, the news that the husband beats his wife does not shock society. Many people view this information as if nothing terrible had happened. But, practice shows that striking once, as a rule, will not stop there. He will do it again and again, and there is no excuse for systematic assault. Even if there is a problem in the family and the culprit is the wife, this is not the way to eliminate it.

A very important point in family relationships is the overall interaction. It is hard to imagine a situation when a man without words begins to “use his fists”. Most likely, the use of force occurred at a critical moment of marital conflict. The flames of a quarrel should not be inflated, and extinguished by all available means, perhaps you should just go out and calm yourself down, letting her husband alone.

Why husband beats wife

To beat a wife is an unworthy and unjustified act, but there are reasons for this, and they quite seriously explain what is happening:

  • the family was formed without the presence of love (mercenary calculation, a hopeless situation, etc.). Where there is no love, there is aggression;
  • A happy person is not engaged in humiliation, assault. If the problem is studied more deeply, then it may become clear that the person was broken in childhood. If the wound has not been cured, the injury will give rise to “shoots” and they will be far from joyous;
  • appearance in the life of the spouse of another woman. An unprincipled ruler can become a provocateur of misbehavior;
  • the absence, even for good reasons, of sexual relations;

Husband beats wife: what to do

If there are situations with assault, then you should heed the advice of experts:

  1. do not put up with the manifestation of aggression. It may be worthwhile to immediately move to live somewhere else for a while, thereby emphasizing the inadmissibility of the spouse’s actions;
  2. calm down and do a conflict analysis. If the woman herself provoked the fact that she was hit (the first one lashed out with her fists), then it is necessary to find ways of reconciliation and not to bring the quarrel to the boiling point. If there is no obvious reason, then it should be understood that the situation, sooner or later, will happen again;
  3. You should not hide from your neighbors what is happening in the family. It is necessary that someone was always ready to help;
  4. when the husband raises his hand a second, third time, despite the efforts of his wife to keep the family, the only correct way out is divorce.

The husband beats his wife for treason: is he right or not

Nobody has the right to beat anyone, including for treason. It is the duty of a man to be strong, not only and not so much physically as with his spirit. He must command respect, assault - the act of the weak. Do not want to put up with what happened - go away, do not torture yourself and your spouse. If you can forgive - forgive and live as if nothing happened.

The wife beats her husband: can he answer the same

It is possible to imagine a situation where a husband beats his wife, but it’s difficult to imagine that his wife beats his husband. But this also happens quite often. The reasons may be:

  • the spouse grew up in a dysfunctional family and saw from her childhood how her mother beat her drunken father;
  • the wife is hysterical, she can raise her own importance in this way;
  • the woman is confident in her impunity and demonstrates that she doesn’t care.

What should a husband do if this happens? If you pretend that nothing happens, the sadistic manifestations will go off-scale. You should not put up - it will be worse. But to answer the same is also not an option. Such a fight can end in tears, then a man can pay for his actions for a prison sentence.

Of course, it will take a lot of will power to save the family. This is an appeal to psychologists, to spiritual mentors, to experienced people. Nothing will change - you have to leave. Such a happy family will never be happy. You should not create a pathetic decoration for a prosperous family life, if it is not.