A life

The story of how a girl of the highest category accidentally hit the public transport

I want to continue to tell you stories about my super wealthy friend Alena, who is a typical subtype of high society, scattering sums with a few zeros to the right and left. Let me remind you that at the same time, Alena’s self-esteem is blown up almost to the sky, and the girl herself all those who do not reach her stellar level disdainfully calls them “rogue”.

Naturally, Alain surrounds herself with things fabulously, simply indecently expensive and considers that she is not worthy of anything less. On her collection of cars, I just keep quiet, except for this, Alena has a personal driver Roman, who for a fee carries a girl when she is not able to get into the car on her own.

But not so long ago, Alena was simply out of the ordinary for her. Her worst nightmare and worst dream came true - the tuned babe got into public transport. As she brought it there - I will not say for sure. Either Alena went over champagne the day before, and the driver couldn’t take her to the right place, or it was like that.

From the very beginning it all began tragically. At the bus stop under a mixture of Moscow pouring rain and snow, there was a platinum blonde in a snow-white mink coat and the color of her boots on tall heels. The sediments did not stop, the fur coat turned into a seedy beast, and the boots mercilessly acquired a dirty gray color.

Then the right bus drove up, and a crowd of people, standing at the bus stop, rushed briskly towards him. Hesitating and disaccustomed from such a quick reaction, Alain proudly stumbled on his heels in the direction of the bus, which was already packed almost to the eye. Hardly as if squeezing on the last step, Alena realized with horror that she could barely breathe. She was so tightly clamped by people that she could not even take a step, even turn her head.

The doors slammed shut, and the bus drove slowly. Then Alyona looked down and noticed that the floors of her chic fur coat mercilessly slammed the bus door. “Hey, you driver, stop! Open the door! You pressed me a fur coat! ”, - Alena screamed. An aunt standing next to him with knapsacks in her hands and practically toothless, said: “You can’t yell. I still will not hear. And not figs in mink coats to walk! Serves you right". Alyona, in amazement, was silent and could not even answer adequately.

Seeking help and protection, she turned her head the other way. But a healthy man, standing under 190, stood close to her, in a working overalls, his jacket and cap with his earflaps unbuttoned on top of him. From a peasant mercilessly struck with sweat, diesel and something indescribable and especially smelly. Alyona breathed deeply and held her breath, and the man smiled, burped eagerly and, winking, said: “Hey, beautiful, can you leave the phone? Call you, have a nice time, m? Do not refuse, I am a man, that is necessary! ”, - and sneered nasty.

Alain was horrified, quickly turned away to the toothless aunt and began to pray that the trip would end as soon as possible. Then someone strongly pushed her in the rib and a nasty female voice yelled in his ear: “Did you pay for the journey, stealing? Come on, and I'll write out the fine! Look, it's worth it, I got a fur coat, but I don't want to pay! ” This time the conductor spoke, who, putting her hands on her belt, hung over Alyona.

“Yes, I will cry that you are yelling!” - the girl jumped up. "How many do you need? Here you are!". And Alyona poured a handful of five thousandth notes into the conductors hand. Mistrustfully, she squeezed the money in her hands and, turning to the smelly uncle, said: “Vo gives. Absolutely crazy. Are you still making fun of me? Papers drawn to me pushes, and I think I believe? You are building a rich one of yourself ?! ”, - this already referred to Alena.

Then the bus stopped, the doors opened with a hiss, and Alena, leaning on them, flew down the stairs, heading straight down into a half-wet wet puddle. The tall uncle, seeing this, whistled and ran out after the girl. Running up to her, he grabbed her hands and began to lift her. “What are you doing, you have to think with your head, stay there and so on. Not hurt though, the bones are intact? ". Alyona, getting up on her feet, spat out relishly under her feet, angrily glanced at the peasant and said: “Yes, you go uncle. On… ". And she hobbled away in her stripped wet fur coat and with the heel off on one boot. And the man remained standing with his mouth open, not understanding what he had done wrong.