5 tricks from makeup artists, how to make the perfect makeup right in the office

Not everyone in the morning can quickly get up and have time to properly get together before work. It is not necessary to do makeup in the morning, finish this process in the office. Just do not forget to grab the most necessary tools.

Use tone cream in stick

Photoready Stick Fix Make Up, Revlon, 719 rubles. It is not very convenient to get involved with sponges or apply cream with hands while sitting at your desk. But the tonal tool in the stick will significantly save you time and help align the complexion with minimal hassle.

Get powder with a mirror

Compact Studio Powder Studio Waterweight, M.A.C., 2740 rubles. Not every office has a mirror, and if there is, then standing in front of him and applying makeup may not be very convenient. Carrying a small mirror with you is impractical - it takes up extra space. Therefore, the ideal option is powder with a mirror. So you will save space, and you don’t have to make yourself up blindly.

Use blush and tint for lips 2 in 1

Lipstick and lipstick for the face two-color stick Kiss & Blush Duo Stick, Yves Saint Laurent, 2660 rubles. Beauty-products, which combine two products - it is very convenient in itself. Especially it concerns blush and tint for lips. After all, these are the necessary tools for creating makeup.

Use liquid highlighter

The basis of the fluid with the effect of radiance Signature Color, Artistry, 3220 rubles. When the complexion becomes dull and stale, a highlighter comes to the rescue. This tool is better to choose in liquid form - it will be more convenient to use it in the office, but the effect will not disappoint you.

Carry a small bottle of mascara

Sexy Volume Mascara Sexy Volume, Yves Rocher, 730 rubles. Today in the cosmetics stores you can find miniature mascara bottles. It’s much easier to carry one with you to the office - it takes up very little space in your bag. And it works no worse than the full-size version.