6 compliments that your man would like to hear more often

For men, not all compliments have the same value, but they are just as pleasing to them as women. And maybe more. So, here are 6 compliments that men are waiting for.

Tell a man you believe in him

To make your partner melt, just tell him that you support him and believe in him. He immediately feels like a superhero capable of rolling mountains. Here are the possible phrases in which the compliment will wrap you up: “Whatever you plan, I know you can achieve it. It has always been like this ”,“ Of course, everyone wants to work with you. People trust you and your abilities, because you cope perfectly with everything ”,“ You are talented, hardworking, and everyone knows it. I am so proud of you".

Mark his appearance

Many men may not be sure of themselves due to doubts about their visual appeal. And even if this is not the reason, any person (regardless of gender) likes to hear that his other half considers his appearance to be beautiful and attractive. So do not skimp on the compliments of this kind. Here are some examples: “What a trained body you have! It's very sexy, ”“ You look very brutal today. I like it, ”“ You are so beautiful in this costume, ”“ You always look so beautiful, even when you are awake. ”

Thank the partner for his efforts and efforts

Everyone likes their efforts appreciated. Show him that you appreciate what he does for you. Mark even the simplest things. Regardless of whether he threw away rubbish, replaced a light bulb, or sat with children - what’s important is that with a compliment you show that you are grateful to him and appreciate his efforts. Whenever you give thanks for something out loud, you usually get even more from a man. Examples: “Thank you so much for making breakfast for me. I really appreciate it. And it is very tasty "," You can fix anything! "," I like that you are so attentive and gentle with me. "

Make compliments that show you respect him.

Some studies have shown that men perceive respect as a feeling of love. Therefore, it is so important for them that there is mutual respect in the relationship. Speak to your partner as often as possible phrases like: “You are so sensitive and responsive. It causes a lot of respect, ”“ I like how you are attentive and caring towards your parents. You deserve a lot of respect. ”

Tell your man that you trust him and are ready to follow him.

Most men want to feel like leaders, and it is important for them to understand that a woman is ready to trust them and rely on them. Tell him that you are ready to follow him everywhere, that you are confident in the wisdom of his decisions and actions, and that you will always be there.

Let the man know that in his presence you are losing your head (in a good way)

Tell a man that you and your heart are under his full influence, that his look embarrasses you and makes your heart beat faster, or tell me how positively it affects your mood and makes you smile. Such compliments, if they are made sincerely, will only strengthen your relationship and make a man become better and better for you.