Light a spark: 8 ways to give your eyes a seductive shine


Radiant, sparkling, bright - this is how the eyes describe, behind which lies beauty, vitality and love of self. "Mirrors of the soul" are a reflection of the moral and physical condition. In addition, the brilliance of the eyes - an indispensable attribute of female charm. How to give shine to a look, if diseases, bad ecology and stress of everyday life oppress a look? There are eight ways.

Monitor rest

Most of us work in an office where we constantly have to sit in front of a computer screen. Even at home, after a hard day’s work, people consistently spend several hours buried in the TV monitor.

As a result, the eyes turn red, tired and watery, which is why the precious shine is lost. To get rid of negative factors, it is necessary to arrange short breaks.

Every half hour it is recommended to be distracted by the gymnastics for the eyes (for example, to draw a glance of numbers in the air) and try to minimize the time at the computer. In this case, the monitor should be located at arm's length from the face.

Tea Bag Compresses

This is the easiest and most accessible means to relieve eye fatigue. Enough to brew tea, cool the bags and attach to the eyelids for a few minutes. Any tea will do, but it is better to use a pure drink without additives. The procedure can be carried out both in the morning and in the evening - tea tannins will help to narrow blood vessels and relieve tension.

Cornflower flowers decoction

Universal, proven over the centuries means. You need to take three tablespoons of cornflower flowers, pour them with a glass of hot water and insist the mixture a couple of hours. After that, it is necessary to strain the flowers, dip cotton pads in the mood and attach to the eyes. Compresses leave for 15 minutes, after which the view will instantly clear.

Full sleep

ShutterstockSon is the best beautician, as experts say. It returns radiance not only to the skin, but also to the eyes. This tip is in addition to the first paragraph. For example, instead of watching the next movie at the computer, it is better to sleep for an extra hour and wake up in the morning, rested, refreshed and ready for a new working day.

Eye Cream

An integral part of beauty care is a good cream for the skin around the eyes, which will take care of the gentle face area throughout the day. It eliminates the dryness of delicate skin, gives shine and helps to get rid of dark circles.

The cream is recommended to select, based on the characteristics of the skin, but there are general tips. For example, in the summer it is better to use water-based products, and in winter - for fat.

Thus, natural water and nutrient balance will be maintained. In addition, it is necessary to remember about the tactics of application - the cream is distributed by gentle patting movements, so as not to injure the sensitive area of ​​the face.

Competent makeup and use of cosmetics

Shutterstock With the help of cosmetics, you can visually reduce or enlarge the eyes, give them the necessary shape and even add a little shine. To emphasize the attractiveness of the look, you must carefully study the makeup schemes for a particular form.

According to make-up artists, it is necessary to use the shades of three shades for a complete eye makeup, and the borders should be shaded. It is better to apply mascara with one layer, then wait and apply a second layer.

Eye drops

Eye drops - a real magic wand. They help relieve stress and tired eyes, make it clearer and allow you to live a ten-hour working day without harm to health. In addition, the drops are able to eliminate the negative effects of a poor lifestyle.

To find the right drops you need to consult with a specialist. And for proper application it is enough to lay your head back, drip two drops into the inner corner of each eye, and then blink often. Be careful and do not direct the tip of the bottle to the mucous membrane, so as not to damage the eye.


Perhaps not the most obvious way, but very effective. Many are not used to wearing sunglasses, but they are an important protection for our eyes and the skin around them. Therefore, when choosing them, it is necessary not only to take into account the appropriate form, but also the degree of protection. They will help minimize stress and reduce the likelihood of wrinkles.

If you regularly monitor the health of the eyes, let them rest and protect our fragile guide to this bright world, then the look will quickly change - you will see shine, freshness and brilliance. This will be noticed not only by you, but also by those around you.