5 cold signs of the zodiac, which are moving away from loved ones

Each of us at least once in his life came across a man who, instead of getting angry and clarifying the conflict, simply closed, left and thus ended the relationship. Such behavior is not only incomprehensible, but also painful. You do not know what happened and you have no idea how to resolve this situation.

It takes a character to take and exclude a loved one from your life like this. Not every sign of the zodiac does this, but there are those who consider this approach the most successful way out.


Scorpions were never known for their simplicity and openness, preferring to keep their emotions and secrets to themselves. They are incredibly sensitive, so if someone hurt their feelings, Scorpios will instantly and permanently shut down from such a person.

If you are already in such a situation with Scorpios, just let it go. Do not try to change their opinion, otherwise just reinforce their already negative emotions. It is best to deal with the already relaxed and cooled Scorpio.


Aquarius - one of the coldest signs of the zodiac. When they feel uncomfortable or annoyed, they all try to get away from this situation. They do not want to be members of someone's pitiful party and are ready to act as a waistcoat for your suffering.

They are characterized by alienation, not because they do not care, in fact, they are very concerned about this or that situation, they simply are not able to withstand all of her emotionality. When Aquarius is cold to you, do not take it personally, because this is the easiest way for them to cope with what is happening.


There are times when Capricorns deliberately spoil their relationship, because they believe that nothing good will ever come out of them or their partner will eventually abandon them or begin to change them. Capricorns love such preventive partings.

When Capricorns do this to someone, this person, not always understanding why it happened, begins to elicit answers from them and faces even greater coldness. Capricorns at the same time prefer to focus on their work, considered in the eyes of others completely insensible.


Cancers are incredibly emotional and consider alienation the best way to cope with a painful situation. A former partner, friend or family member — with any person who hurts Cancers, communication will be kept to a minimum.

Someone might consider such an approach unfair or childish, but for Rakov this is the only way to cope with pain. They will not get the person whom they have excluded from their lives, but still the cessation of any contacts will be the least painful for them.


Virgos are incredibly intelligent and sometimes stop communicating with someone just to prevent a problem that has not yet turned into a conflict.

Virgos are extremely sensitive and often have problems settling their emotions, sometimes they are simply not ready to deal with the emotions and feelings of someone else. Virgos feel more comfortable being away from problems and difficulties and being able to focus on what brings them maximum satisfaction.