10 mistakes that will bring your old age

Youth is not a number in a passport. This is a state of your soul that is imprinted on your appearance. You can really be young and beautiful if you want it. And also you can grow old very quickly. What mistakes lead to this?

Sedentary lifestyle

Fitness is not at all fun for those who have nothing to do. This is a way to keep a healthy body, and, accordingly, a healthy spirit in it. But if you sit on an office chair all day and lie down on the sofa in the evening, hardly after a while you will be able to boast an excellent figure.

Permanent lack of sleep

Fatigue does not decorate anyone. And after a certain age also adds age. Your skin becomes dull and gray, dark circles appear under your eyes, and others begin to sympathize with your difficult life.

Stereotypical thinking

Especially in matters relating to age. Women believe that after 35, white joys, beautiful clothes, self-education and much more are no longer available to them. But you came up with all this yourself - it is because of these views that you will grow old. And someone will be engaged in themselves and have fun at 60.

Neglecting needs

A woman needs to be loved, to feel desired and to receive sexual satisfaction. You have probably heard how about a bitchy woman at the age they say that she doesn’t have enough "man?" Of course, this is also a stereotype as a whole, but not so far from the truth. It is the lack of attention from the representatives of the stronger sex contributes to the fact that you are aging faster.

Lack of personal care

It is foolish to complain about the "age" appearance, if you do not pay enough attention to it. Skin and hair, teeth and nails, body - everything needs your close attention and competent, constant care.

Lack of style

If a woman dresses only to dress, it is very old of her. Sexuality, attractiveness and youth of a woman are directly related to her style and sense of taste.

Lack of love and self-respect

You need to love yourself at any age, but after 35 this is critically important. Do not allow anyone to use, humiliate or insult yourself, value your opinion and your principles.

Fear of starting something new.

It doesn’t matter what it is about - a novel with an interesting man, a new interesting job, a hobby or travel - youth should be in the soul. Be bold and decisive, and you will hardly grow old soon.

Voluntary detention in four walls

Having fun with friends is not the same age, many ladies think, and voluntarily lock themselves up in the walls of their apartment. This is a huge mistake that will not lead to anything good. You just feel old before you retire.

Self suggestion

The problem with most women is that they inspire themselves, that they are old. And if you think so, you will think about others - because our thoughts determine our image and our behavior.