12 couples who fail based on astrology


Marriage is, first of all, faith: when you are ready to endanger your future happiness and composure, for the sake of the person you love. But is such a relationship considered unsuccessful? Wouldn't it be great if you could get a fair idea of ​​your compatibility with a person?

Astrology affects many aspects of our life. This is not because you can predict the future through the stars, but your zodiac sign has a definite impact on your life. It can influence the formation of your personality and, thus, can be used to assess your compatibility with other people.

Here is a look at some pairs of the zodiac that are bound to fail.

1. Aries and Cancer

These two signs will inevitably get caught up in a hot relationship full of passion. They will be very filled with love at first sight. However, over time, these two will realize that after the hobby disappears, they really will not have anything that could hold them together.

2. Taurus and Sagittarius

These two will also feel attracted to each other, at the beginning, because of how different they are. But their differences, which were so charming for them, will start to get on their nerves. Sagittarius is unpredictable, Taurus is full of determination and stability. Together they will “pull the rubber” in their relationship until something goes wrong. Taurus will try to control the Sagittarius, which cannot be restrained or restricted, and therefore such a union will fall apart.

3. Twins and Pisces

Pisces is too strong when it comes to emotions, while Gemini is a happier creed. Although they may be interested in Pisces due to their inherent creativity, Gemini will not be able to keep them for long. The free spirit of Gemini is not so good for Pisces who are constantly jealous.

3. Cancer and Capricorn

Another couple, united by a warm moment, a kind of passion and a promise that it is forever. But over time, they will realize that they do not have much in common, except for sex. When they do not reach a high level of hormones, they will find that their lifestyle is incompatible with each other.

4. Leo and Virgo

It is very easy for Leo to charm others because their personality radiates confidence and grace. Virgos are hardworking and diligent. They are also not those who are surrounded by a large company that Leo loves very much. Relationship friction will begin when the Virgin refuses to budge and, instead, points out the flaws of Leo. And for Leo, this is unacceptable.

6. Virgin and Aries

For Virgo, the adventure strip with Aries is very tempting. But soon they will discover that Aries’s spontaneity does not tune in with the methodical approach to the life of the Virgin. Long-term union is very rare in such a combination.

7. Libra and Capricorn

The attraction between Libra and Capricorn is mutual. Libra is attracted to success Capricorns, driven by luck. Capricorns have a strong physical attraction to Libra. But they will not be able to make long-term plans for life, because Libra is by nature lazy. They will definitely not be able to change their way for more organized Capricorns, and this will only lead to quarrels between them. The path of parting for them seems the best option.

8. Scorpio and Sagittarius

These two signs unite, discarding caution and slightly ignoring their friends and well-wishers. Everyone is clear, except for them, that this dynamic will surely burn. Scorpions are possessive. They love home comfort. They are more focused on family life and therefore expect the same from their partners. But it will not be well combined with the passionate Sagittarius, who will feel limited and constrained.

9. Sagittarius and cancer

This connection is a source of gossip and dramas for their friends. Both have the same rebellious streak and must be controlled. They will surely have really tense and passionate moments. But the constant deception and fraud will negatively affect relationships, and they will find themselves on completely different paths.

10. Capricorn and Pisces.

This is a very strong couple that everyone always looks at. They will be the most beloved and respected couple in their society. At first, the pragmatic Capricorn seems to go well with fancy and creative Pisces. But, over time, these characteristics, which seemed to unite, begin to repel them from each other.

11. Aquarius and Leo

Another combination that makes a couple domineering. Both have that charisma that attracts attention. But the main difference is that Leo yearns for attention, and Aquarius sometimes likes to be alone. Such relationships will have problems due to their different outlook on life.

12. Fish and Aries

Fish are sensitive and take care of people and their feelings, but Aries is stupid and straightforward in this regard. This will cause many problems in their relationship when one cannot agree with the other. And their union, over time, will collapse.